Opie & Anthony Listening Thread - Fri 8/24/07 - Force-Feed Friday / Eat my meat, Sam!


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Steak for everyone!

Comedians: Bob Saget and Lewis Black,
Wrestler & Author: Mick Foley,
Musicians: Butcha , Khemystri and Dru Boogie


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A little early, isn't it? I'm still watching a Becker with Norm Peterson on it...


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Good mornin' to the three dicks and one C in the room.


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mornin :action-sm

anyone else think it might be a little early to have steak? steak is my favorite food and I still don't think I could even eat a juicy filet minion for breakfast

what a bittersweet friday, is it 1 or 2 weeks this time?


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By the way, watching that "love my dick" clip really takes away from it. You look at his mouth and you clearly see him say "Mike Vick".


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Fuck! I forgot there on vacation,,,I think it's for a week? But hey it's the end of Summer and Labor day is a holiday,,,so it's really just six days, and then the weekends are always fast, with brushing your teeth and showering and meals it's like three days,,,then with sleep and work it's really like they will be gone for ten minutes


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Morning all... $10cdn says little Sam throws a tantram and crys for his mommy.