Opie & Anthony's “WOW” Road Trip

Anyone going to any of these locations???

12:00 Manhattan - 57th and Broadway
12:40 Manhattan - City Hall

1:00 Brooklyn - Beanpost (bar) 7525 5th Avenue @ 76th Street

1:30 Staten Island - Staten Island Mall, Richmond Ave. Exit off Staten Island Expressway

2:00 Jersey City - Newport Center Mall, Marin Boulevard

3:15 Paramus - Garden State Plaza

4:00 Yonkers - Cross County Mall

5:30 Flushing - in the Shea Stadium area on Main Street

6:15 New Hyde Park - Dublin Pub, 2002 Jericho Turnpike
If you do all you have to do is take the path train from JSQ to Newport Center Mall get off and walk up to Marin Blvd its right there.

Voodoo Chicken Man

I might catch the bus on it's way down town, but the NYC locations are crap. Full of Suits!


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Well there goes the idea of me goin
ehh oh well there is always the softball game coming soon


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I just got in I went to the garden state Plaza
it was cool I met Anthony he signed my WOW sticker and so did Stinky....
It was Pretty cool to see them and a fun time


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Huh what are you talking about all i asked was if he could sign it thats all..
Not to mention guys were alse getting them to sign their stickers so I guess guys like Him also and they are stalkers

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Originally posted by metallica22:
did you wow fofo??
Yes I did wow I wowed Anthony 2 times he liked it and was goin to sign my chest I said no that is ok ..... I also wowed Stinky...
and the crowd saw it cause I went on top of my friends car and I stood up and wowed the crowd....It was cool though
Yet i cant get passed why you wouldnt wow us!!! But you will show your breasts to a whole parking lot full of strangers at the Garden State Plaza.
Well because that crowd has more commone sense in them than what you have in your thick skull, you fucking neanderthal! And besides, it's Anthony! And what are you? Not much I guess...


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Fucking M22 For asking now look at you did you little fucker
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
Pay Back Is A Bitch Fucker !!!thanx for asking the fuckin question
you fucking cock that you are

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Well yeah I do IOHN! Listen to the song Hey Leonardo by Blessid Union of Souls.


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OK here it is....
Sorry guys I will not wow you cause I know you guys but... I can make this deal
if we all go together to the game..I give you my word I will get chicks to wow you guys ...
and M22 Fuck you sorry there little one you are not a part of this deal... it is only for the cool guys on the board :D
so lets meet and do this I will get the chicks to wow you ...I wont cause I will be with the guy i am talking to
Um My wife and I were their. FoFo I was talking to Opie My wife got to kiss him they we IM buddies for a while while she was kissin I saw some girl get on someones car and WOW. DONT TELL ME lol that was you . I had my eyes closed NOTTTTTTT. IT WAS COOL THOUGH. Fo didbt you see my truck pull in??? I saw U. The girl from hoeny goat weed handed me about 20 packs of the stuf I said I dont need this she said she was just getting rid of it.When Opie called to check on I yelled WACKBAG.COM Hope it made it over the air. I also spread the word their about wackbag and how it is a great board...Untill next time this is Phil MaKrackin signing off

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Dh I was on top of a green truck and I had on a black shirt with blue jeans
Let me ask you a question how would he know what kind of shirt you had on when you said you where on top of a car showing your breasts???


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I didnt take my shirt off I just lifted it up thats all