Opie caught out.

How embarassing it must have been for Opie to get caught flogging it to "Rush Hour" ?
We've all been caught "Punching the clown" (Jay Mohr) at some point, but to an action film? At least it wasn't Nascar this time.
The guy is unstoppable. ;)


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i've been cought a couple of times, but it usually is to some good porno movies or magazines.
Exactly M22, He said he wasn't watching the movie. I guess it's the psycho factor at work.


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and the worst part of it was that he was cought by his girl. I would just told her to give me a handy or something.Nothing wrong with that.


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If she cought him rhen she just dhould have joined in. Maybe she did lol :rolleyes: Handy Sandy
I never been caught by anyone. This thread is now dedicated to bitches who use a glass bottle as a dildo that breaks inside there vagina and have to be rushed to the Emergency Room!!!
Yeah, serves them right!

Have a Coke and a smile

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Too funny today, The boys had Breuer on and he told a classic story about getting caught
spanking. Very funny stuff.Breuer played it off saying he was sleeping, and Ant says he's never been caught.
Maybe they spanked on the way to the emergency room IOHN. hehe,
I dunno if she could spank on the way over to the emergency with all that glass lodged in her vagina.
Well, I've never removed glass, but I or colleagues have removed several vegetables, candles, bottle caps (screw on), Ben Waa Balls, & a sponge (the Today). People are pretty embarassed.

The worse story that I read about was a woman who was using a FISH. It went in OK, but when she tried to pull it out, the sharp dorsal fin caught & trapped the fish in her. The ER Doc said that he was real upset because it was a real nice fish & he had to completely cut it apart to get it out!!!!

DR. Buster Hymen


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well this just proves that Opie's gay, theres only. Nice movie you picked to spank one out to...faggott
Originally posted by MARK:
<STRONG>well this just proves that Opie's gay, theres only. Nice movie you picked to spank one out to...faggott</STRONG>
i have to agree with you bro. Who was opie spanking it to??Jackie chan or chris tucker. I mean that movie just sucks ass and don't have one boob shot or anything that would turn a men on.


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Hey back off of Opie. Like Rick Delgado says sometimes you just get those hard-on's for no reason. Let's all get naked and see who get's a hard-on first. lol. Now Rick is gay,lol. :D We have all spanjed to some wierd shit.

I pulled my pud ina movie theatre. I pulled it to "A few good men" Demi Moore was fucking hot in that.


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mav there is a differnce on that sweety you spaked it to Demi Moore
Opie was spankin it to Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker ..
There was not to many chicks in that movie rush hour so it kinda makes ya think there babe..

Not unless he was spankin it to that little girl that Jackie chan was rescuing then that would be pretty fuckin sick ;) :D :rolleyes:
I never got cought but I always had someone to do it for me um a yeah um I mean since I was about 9 um a someone always um ok, ok I never got cought lets leave it at that. but I mean when we were like teens right???? 30 year olds shouldnt ever get cought. well uness ytour opie heh heh heh


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Myself and my girl got caught in roadtrip once and the tool usher made it a point to let everyone know I was getting a BJ in the movies.
He didn't shine the flashlight on you, did he? I used to hate when they did that to me.
:D :D
I still don't understand why Opie didn't just use Jay Mohr's line "What are we gonna do about this"????

And after signing a $15 Million contract, I would think the first order of business would be to build at least a PRIVATE Porno/JO room, if not a wing, to prevent these embarassments!!!!

Maybe he was actually thinking of MARCO!!! "That's a WIENER"