Opie & Coughany Listening Thread- 5-21-2012 - The Z-Pac Diaries

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I am a silly goose.
Morning baggers....sleep patterns are all to hell...wanted to get in early....


I Think I'll Eat An Apple
What the fuck? The thread starts an hour early! Why do you think I stay up this late!?!
Tell me about, got the boot from work one week ago...Im already fucked up!

Bill Lehecka

Whiny Man Baby
I hope I just misheard and Op didn't just call Dana White "Daniel White."


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Whitney deserved no love. She was a coked up drunk.


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I guess none of them read Edgar Rice Burroughts in High School or they would have had a clue about what John Carter was about.

The Keeed

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I love that Jimmy and Ant are so into Game of Thrones.

P.S. Graduating today


it's a man, baby!!!
no one here seems too excited that dice is going to be on


it's a man, baby!!!
I would rather hear DLR talk his bosey bosey bop for the entire show


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Id rather if they brought in some brothas and commented on them playing dice.
I was rolling the bones with the Homies from Baltimore (Think "The Wire") last night at Delaware Park Racetrack,Casino and Golf...


He's no good to me dead.
I'll bet TWO dollars on the horse to win the triple crown.
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