LT Opie & Erock in the Morning, 9/8/16, The Start of a New Era!

Hog's Big Ben

Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
Not for nothing but does Viv/Sherrod/Norman/DiStef get paid for being 3rd or even 2nd mic most of the week?? I don't think they see a dime for this and I can't imagine "the exposre they get" is worth it since the show's listeners had to ahve dropped tremendously the past few years. Opie literally relies ion these guys for content...they are not stopping in every few weeks to plug something. Maybe they collectively realized, "why the fuck am I getting up so early for no money to carry this millionairs ass?"
Sherrod mentioned getting paid with Opie before. I think they all get something if they're there for the entire show.
Gotta agree, brutally bad. Distefano can be funny but not today. Erock, Kenny, Roland, Opie= horrible radio.


Talk softly and drive a big tank!
Has Jimmy officially left this show?
Has Jimmy officially left this show?
Not officially, but there has been much speculation due to both of them seemly avoiding each other.

After the reaction this episode of the show got. I'd assume Opie is trying to get more money for Jim to stick around.