Opie... in 50 years


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In 50 years, He'll only be about 72, and I bet he'll still be handsome with a sexy V.

umm... no homo?


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He's my age and we'll only be a spry 94. He's lucky though - Lindsay will only be in her 70's so he won't need to go to a nursing home - she can don a nurses uniform and wipe his soggy bottom



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ive always secretly thought opie will probably look like general choi hong hi in 50 years time. hes a big honcho in one or two tae kwon do circles.



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opie will get a face lift, hair implants and regularly ingest embalming fluid.


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Wow who are all of those College Kids in those pics?
50 years from now, he'll be 50 years old. I'm not sure how it works out, but it's a fact. Did you know he just got out of college?