Opie lost

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We all see how opie likes to yell about how they won but he, as well as the rest of the pests, know that he lost.

Yes duffy is a crazy little girl but in ESD you have a certifiable bat shit crazy man, I am inclined to believe that dave eats shit and does that kind of stuff for fun around his house where duffy does it to make the show happy.

Opie loses, dave needs a straight jacket and thorazine where duffy just needs normally prescribed meds.

But hey have fun claiming victory board op and just know, dave owns joo.


I suggest you tread lightly
Wackbag Staff
The war is over. Pat Duffy threw down the gauntlet and ESD failed to answer the bell on his own show today. The war is over. So says Opie. So says Ron. And so it shall be.
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