Opie Niggah


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The the do not shiat on the beach while rollerblading @ :30 had me lol ing!
He looks like Johnny Knoxville when they dress him up to be the old man.


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the best part of the video is anytime Kenny shows up looking like a corpse.

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The timing and the posing is great. The slow finger drag and the slouch on the throne at 1:14... That's a deceptively well-made video.
It looks like a South Park music video. I wish there was better audio production. Nigga was basically the only word I could make out.


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I love the detail of Nicole's big feet. Made me loff.

All day at work I was wandering around muttering "You wish you had a V like me, don't you, nigga!"

I really should be careful with that.


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So does anyone know of any Opie song parodies?

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So does anyone know of any Opie song parodies?
It would be nice to have a good song kick him in the teeth so Erock could finally say, "opie, people are writing about you, you're not being appreciative".