Opie on 11-17-2004 "Cancer's not funny"


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So today on 7-20-2007 They make fun of Tammy Faye.

So opie was wrong Cancer is funny.
she just seemed like such a nice lady on surreal life.
damn, Anthonys fuckin evil he is!


Love the show but yesterday's show was fuckin gruesome man. Toms call, Ole' Xlophone chest.....I can't deny it...... I laughed my ass off.


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I was laffin so hard, I thought the contacts in my eyes where gonna fall out.


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Chris Benoit, his wife and his dwarf kid die and people are instantly making jokes about it.....but cancer isnt funny? we get it everyone is affected by cancer in some way but to say its not funny when a good joke is made is a lie....relax

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Chris Benoit, his wife and his dwarf kid die and people are instantly making jokes about it.....but cancer isnt funny? we get it everyone is affected by cancer in some way but to say its not funny when a good joke is made is a lie....relax


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Yeah, just the thought that people were getting pissed about a bit that had me laughing harder than I have laughed in awhile was annoying to me. I have lost family to cancer, fuck, I have lost family members in the same way that Tammy Faye is dying.

Why can't people seperate personal experience from comedy? Most of what O&A do is going to offend somebody. You can't be mad at the people that were offended at the Imus comments, and then be mad at the boys for doing cancer jokes.


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i thought they were making fun of larry, but tammy faye is going to her grave with one last moment on camera


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I just hope they finally link makeup overuse and cancer.
I hate to admit that I laughed my balls off from that segment. It might have trumped Anthony's divorce stories, the first edition of "What the Fuck Are They Saying in Country Music?", Pat Cooper's nonstop rant, and the disgust registered by Jimmy during one of Anthony's Everquest discussions (back on NEW). Mean and an instant ticket to hell, but in the context of comedy (on a comedy show) it was fucking brilliant!

That segment was also funnier than ANYTHING I've heard on Stern's show in all the years I've listened and that includes when I genuinely enjoyed Hoo Hoo's show. But I'm sure zombies will insisit that the two gay interns and a disgruntled midget have provided far more comedy. :icon_roll


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I listen to the show at work everyday without headphones. It annoys the girl that works next to me most of the time. I knew yesterday's segment was an instant classic because she was howling laughing with me at the Tammy Faye Baker stuff when on most days she will just bitch at me to turn it down. If you want to infect someone with the virus play them that segment and they will be in....unless they have a concience.
Anthony impersonating Larry King freaking out every time he tried to introduce Tammy Faye was radio super gold.....

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Ugh, fuck you "it hits to close to home so it aint funny" people.

You should all die of cancer.


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To anyone who doesn't think this was funny - cringey, but funny, think about this:
Tammy Faye and Larry King weren't treating the subject with any kind of dignity, why should O&A. That was the point.

What purpose was served by Larry King wanting her on and her agreeing to it? If it bleeds, it leads. They aired a car wreck knowing full well what they were doing.

She initially made her living off of making people believe they could buy their way into heaven. And while her first husband went to jail, she reinvented herself as a talkshow host. Later played along with the fact that she was laughed at for her appearance, turning it into yet another career.

It's not like there was some altruistic motive behind her appearing on Larry King. It was one last attempt for her to put herself in the public eye so people could feel sorry for her.

If you felt uncomfortable laughing at it, fine, it means you're human, but it was still damn funny.


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I have a friend with cancer, and a friend who had cancer. Though, I still think cancer is funny. Am I an asshole?


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no it's not but most people will tell you that humor got them through a lot of the rough spots. My uncle has an inoperable brain tumor that, thank God, hasn't grown over the last 5 years thanks to the magic of medication. But the interferon & other sh*t left him with short term memory loss ... he's always laughing about forgetting stuff; my aunt & cousins tease him as well. Says laughing is how they sometimes get through the day.