Opie...Rich Vos...Baby Diaper GOD!!!!

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Pound my bloody fudge!!
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:jump :jump :jump

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


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Vos, you rule. Let's not forget props to E-rock for the Mother Hucker.

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Wish I had Paltalk right now.

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Goodness Gracious It's Rich Vos With A Diaper

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Pound my bloody fudge!!
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oh this is going to be the worst "welcome home" kiss of Lindsay's life...

Sam had BETTER be filming this


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Nice job Rich. You are the best!!!

P.S.: Opie, you are engaged to a 11......

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Radio history...

Dirty Baby Sanchez.


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Now I've heard shitty bits before but...

this was great :)


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Big round of applause for everyone's favorite cryptic heeb



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Who knew that Vos was funny? He had some great one-liners today. Yimmee must be so pissed he wasn't there today. I bet he'd rather have been there for the dirty diaper then Bob Kelly's first video.

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omfing god,x1000000 this is the show to top all of them all the way back.

op has stunt creds to the max,i really thought he'd bail!

esd,duffy,those psychos would'nt think twice.opie i figured the only one least likely is ant.