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Thanks to Opie for playing music during the break at XM instead of the stupid fucking XM promos.

Even is you don't like the music it is still WAY better than listening about Dale Jr and the "XM Booots down dare in DC"

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...not to mention the really bad acting abilities of the couple touting the backup computer program being sold for saving photos and programs!
Hell ya! Opie rules in so many ways.

Speaking of music instead of breaks, anyone remember "George Bush sings Sunday Bloody Sunday".

I listened to some early XM shows over the vacation and I'm still amazed at that song.


without Opie, theres no show


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OPIE GOT LINE OF THE DAY.... line of the day...


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Opie's the glue that holds the show together, maaaaaaaaaaaaaan !!

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Opie would never make my kucko list. Opie rocks.

Keep control of XM Opie.