opie sould not pick game any more


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opie sould not pick any more games this mouth no mather what game it is


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i agree, his two teams lost yesterday (the mets and the jets). Opie shouldn't even be a sports fan anymore more cause his teams will never win.


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Opie's Jinx is infamous. You should see those pictures of him wearing the team shirts from the cities he is syndicated to. :eek: :eek:

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Anthony, l, the Blue Jackets fan
Opie, r, the Buckeyes fan

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We all cringe here in NY when Op comes out in favor of a team, we know it'll just end in a defeat. It's the most amazing, and accurate jinx I've ever seen. My wife was asking Monday night "which team did Opie pick?, Oh they're gonna lose." And she hardly listens to the show.
Scary :eek:

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There's money to be made here. Just bet opposite Opie's picks. You can't lose.