Opie, The Destroyer, is Wreaking Havoc on His Vacation

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Opie, The Destroyer, is now wreaking havoc in the mid Atlantic states on his "vacation". Poor Poor mid-Atlantians. :popcorn: And after helping inspire the Libyan rebels overthrow Gaddafi no less! As said on the show, Opie is now "the vacation jinx". What other shenanigans will Opie and his curse be directly and indisputably involved in? Hopefully he will keep the death toll low and not cause much more damage.

Opie faces down Hurricane Irene (8/26/2011)

OpieRadio Opie's eye - artistic pic of foggy beach dunes here in OBX. yfrog.com/hs3nhjczj about 2 hours ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradioOpie's eye - ominous sunrise here in OBX hours before Hurricane Irene hits! yfrog.com/hwwajj about 3 hours ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradioRT @CraigLNU: @OpieRadio Where are you Mr. Hughes? Be safe brother. ME: Having coffee in OBX.Anyone know somewhere cool 4hrs from here about 3 hours ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradioStill haven't left OBX...so nice out! Had a GREAT beach day. No one around had the beach to ourselves. Setting up live web cam for hurricane about 17 hours ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradioopie's eye - OBX wild horses and Hurricane Irene logic: youtube.com/watch?v=Jykdje… about 21 hours ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradio#OpieHates OBX, wild horses, sun, surf, hurricanes, the names Earl and Irene, dolphins, fishing, suntan lotion, sand, wind and circles about 21 hours ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradioMe and my brother studied the map with our protractors and compasses and we're leaning toward GETTING THE HELL OUT OF HERE! HOLY SHIT RUN about 22 hours ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradioOpie's eye - sure doesn't look like Hurricane Irene is out there! Today's song...Should I Stay or Should I Go yfrog.com/h2uesdfj 1 day ago

Steve Jobs Resigns (8/25/2011)

OpieRadio WOW! Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple!! 1 day ago

Dead Horse (8/24/2011)

OpieRadio RT @PaulGoGiants: Did I miss the pic of a dead horse hanging by the neck on the end of tow truck? What gives? ME:editing vid. Real sad. 1 day ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradio Opie's eye - #OBX horse update! They've been stopping by all day! (editing video now) yfrog.com/hsdrjgpj 1 day ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradioRT @jenniferhutt seriously this makes me so sad. RT @OpieRadio UPDATE....horse hasn't moved in an hour! ME: DON'T CLICK ON NEXT PIC I POST!! 1 day ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradioUPDATE....horse hasn't moved in an hour! Tow truck coming up the beach!! 2 days ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradioWill update you on the horse from my last tweet/pic when I get more info. Tide coming in and horse not moving. #obx 2 days ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradioRT @CrippleChris: #obx yfrog.com/h2zmoyej Opie did he steal your steak? ME: Best comment so far...BRAVO! 2 days ago

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradioOpie's eye - Uh oh! Mommy why is the horse not moving? #obx yfrog.com/h2zmoyej 2 days ago

Earthquake 8/23/2011
(5.8:epicenter Mineral City, VA)

Opie said:
OpieRadio My latest video on my Youtube captured the shaking from the earthquake....not earth shattering...slight shaking at best. Hurricane Irene about 3 hours ago
Opie said:
OpieRadio Umm! We're close to the Virginia border down here in OBX and we felt the earthquake! WTF? about 5 hours ago

Libyan Revolution 8/22/2011
(Rebels take Tripoli)

‎ ‎
Opie said:
OpieRadio Is Libya a victory for Obama? Democrats say yes and Republicans say no! #PoliticsSuck about 9 hours ago
Hurricane Irene
(Headed to OBX)

Opie said:
OpieRadio RT @gkthomson: Hurricane Irene as seen from space bit.ly/p63bKm.. Hey @OpieRadio, this is coming straight for you. ME:no shit Einstein about 11 hours ago
Opie said:
OpieRadio RT @OttoAndGeorge: hey stupid try NOT going to hurricane alley during hurricane season if U dont want UR vacay ruined ME: RatherBeInTripoli about 11 hours ago
Opie said:
OpieRadio Hurricane Irene - This is a joke right? 2 years in a row with a hurricane heading toward OBX! Last year we evacuated! This year...stay tuned about 22 hours ago
Post-Tropical Cyclone/Hurricane Greg[g] 8/18+/2011


Darkness always says hello.
Good. Fuck 'em. Its nice to see that not only the common folk suffer from shitty vacation circumstances. Should make for some radio fodder through the new year.

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I love how the Media is portraying the Earthquake as the end of the world. The lights shook. Fucking relax. Silly geese.


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Good. Fuck 'em. Its nice to see that not only the common folk suffer from shitty vacation circumstances. Should make for some radio fodder through the new year.
Hear hear. It's really odd how 2 days in a row of a missing Opie can help my mood for the whole day.

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I'd get banned for starting this thread.

If I had to guess though, I'd wager he's actually quite excited for this hurricane, and not as he says, pissed.


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