Opieradio.com hacked???


Nice Head Deek
Yea I could of just checked twitter for updates, but typed in opieradio, and it says the server is hacked? Eh thought I would share ESP cause I got 3 weird pop ups
I didn't even know that site existed. I went to it and my browser window shrunk to a small square, flew around my screen, and came back with the hacked message. It was kinda neat... better run virus scan.


Nice Head Deek
Well it's back up and running. Nothing to see here. Maybe it was high pitch Fuck tard wanting to put a bomb in twitter. LOL ling yea yea


registered dick hole
I knew it, had to be a hacker. This explains his twitter messages & youtube videos.


Is alive.
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missed mattiew23m and his threads.


Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
But is churchofopie.com still up?