LT OpieRadio thread for June


A.K.A. Chad
Over the past few months all three shows ( J&S, Opie, Bennington) have pretty much fallen off my radar. These shows are still in my pre-sets so in the morning or afternoon I would occasionally remember to listen in to see whats going on. But in all honesty, theres times when I don't even remember theyre on nowadays.

More often than not there are no laughs and the conversation and people In Studio are not interesting enough for me to stick around more than a few minutes. Well there are laughs, but theyre coming from inside the studio and I cannot comprehend what was so funny that the whole room is laughing themselves into convulsions.

I still look in on all three forums here occasionally and more often than not there are no new posts in the listening threads so I just assume there was nothing noteworthy going on. Reddit is Reddit. It is a strange and toxic place but I must say some of the comments there will almost make me spray coffee all over the screen. Its kinda sad when a forum that trashes the shows is often more funny than the shows themselves.

I had no idea about all the current drama until I got on here this morning. That clip is unlistenable garbage.
It's manufactured drama because like, what else they got?


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I still pop in during Fox news commercial breaks when I'm driving home from work. Sadly, I find Neil Cavuto more entertaining than anything I've heard on whatever Opie's channel is called these days. Cavuto, and the Fox and Friends show in the morning. I pop by during those breaks too, to see what the "worst of" is. Sadly, it literally is the worst of lately. God, how the mighty have fallen. Sherrod and Vic can't carry the show, and Opie never was able to do it alone.