Opie's ex-girlfriends?


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Opie has been mentioning ex-girlfriends a lot lately. Last week's story about him getting yelled at for looking at strippers while in a strip club was funny. I'm guessing it was Sandy D, if so she was a cutie pie. I dig cute girls with small boobs.



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That's an impressive picture. I mean, I've heard him mention it before but I didn't expect that.


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That's been around for years.

He actually had her photoshopped out at 1 time.
He's rich and a decent looking guy. Why is it surprising that he would have a good looking girlfriend?


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Secret Service is ignoring the eager stalker in the background.


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Wow! she is attractive. I think I had only seen the shopped version. Thats a great celebrity photo.


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Fuck the exes, Op's wife is a fucking 10.


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Op's wife is a fucking 10.
I just saw an Opie wedding photo and yeah she's beautiful. The only other photo of her I've ever seen has her walking past Kenny and behind Opie, wearing a black dress with a Starbucks in hand. She looks really pissed off in that photo.


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I saw Opie's wife from about 30' after the boys did a live show at the XM studios in DC in '07. She didn't appear until long after the autograph seekers were gone ... I had to wait for the dork I was with who was begging a new xm unit freebie from the Opester ...

It was obvious that she didn't want any parts of the show people or that scene, but she wasn't being a shitheel about it at all.

And I agree with Bawby. She's so pretty it's hard to look at her for long ...


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I cant wait for the divorce and see everyone on here say "You know she wasnt that hot"


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What was that line about Opie ruining an 11...


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She's a sweetheart. We've met a few times and she's from
the same part of Philly my wife and I grew up in.