Opie's Opinion On Dream Theater?

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I laughed when Opie said it. I love DT and knew he was just doing it to piss die hards off.

As for Dragonforce....I don't know. I can't listen to them without laughing. It's kind of silly metal....play super fast and sing about some hobbit or whatever.


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Why does the singer stink?
You have a band with all that talent and then an below average 80's butt rock singer. I watched one of their concerts on Rave and was blown away by John Petrucci, I was just annoyed by that singer. I'm not trying to be an ass but he bores me.
Dream Theater's music gets boring and Opie's opinion in music is dogshit.

It was a funny gag though.


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Yeah, I thought the bit was funny too. You can't take what Opie says to heart. I love the guy but he's a boob.