Opie's The Man!!

Apr 15, 2000
since I've been working I didnt have a chance to post, but I just want to say thanks to opie for plugging us,

The goal at wackbag is to have a site where people who have never heard of O&A (especially when they get syndicated) can learn about the past of the show and I think this site represents them well. Our no fighting policy keeps the board centered on the show

unlike the other site a visitor to wackbag will leave with a positive expierience about O&A and not be afraid to post. Opie even said he was afraid to post on the other board! who wouldnt be? as a new poster , you want to jump right in and become part of the message board, not be torn apart..

If it starts snowing in hell and Opie does decide to align himself with us, whatever he says is law.

now if we could only get a link on Foundry!!!
again I think it would snow in hell before that happened...

All Hail Opie!!11


I speak the human language
Oct 7, 2000
Thanks Opie. Atleast you let the people know that the other board is not the only board out there.

It was nice to hear the plug and it was well deserved. We reach way beyond New york plugging this site, foundrymusic, and The Opie and Anthony show above all. We love the show guys. Sydication in a couple of weeks!!! No mornings please!! Afternoon drive til' infinite. :D

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