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Opie's Vacation Tweets:

https://mobile.twitter.com/opieradio OpieRadio RT @Richylang: @OpieRadio mike dantoni resigns as knick coach ME: I AGREE WITH THIS about 1 hour ago

OpieRadio Watching very large woman in bikini displace large quantities of water from the pool everytime she gets in. #VacationHighlightSoFar about 3 hours ago

OpieRadio The OpieRadio-FunnyMofos Daily is out! bit.ly/a7S19J ▸ Top stories today via @TheWeaseShow about 8 hours ago

OpieRadio RT @florida90210 everyone knows @OpieRadio and @HowardStern are both cunts, everyone else gets along ME: AND YOU KNOW THIS HOW? about 22 hours ago

OpieRadio RT @brigwheels: if you have the c at the end, you should have the c in the beginning ME: WAS HOPING NO ONE NOTICED THAT #awkward #JokeFail 1 day ago

OpieRadio RT @KimKardashian: What's up I'm bored instagr.am/p/IGLp1fuS0a/ ME: YAY ANOTHER PIC OF YOU! LET'S PLAY HANGMAN: NAR_I_ _I_TIC 1 day ago

OpieRadio RT @McScubin017: @OpieRadio for all your followers - Lin Is not playing bad, it's melo who has been the garbage man ME: I AGREE WITH YOU! 1 day ago

OpieRadio Knicks vs Bulls - the Knicks went from #Linsanity to the #Lindenburg in a mere 2 weeks! 2 days ago

OpieRadio RT @Clotsandsnot: @OpieRadio "Down with the Sickness" end of story! ;) ME: DAMN IT! You might have beat me! 2 days ago

OpieRadio #SongsThatMakeYouWannaFight - Rage Against the Machine, Killing in the Name AND Metallica, Don't Tread On Me #ForTheWin 2 days ago

OpieRadio Salmon is the color of choice for the pretentious wind bag #VacationObservations 2 days ago

OpieRadio #ThingsWhitePeopleGetArrestedFor - for being AWESOME 2 days ago

OpieRadio #ThingsThatTeachersSay - Damn, you sure have a nice ass! 2 days ago

OpieRadio RT @KimKardashian: Gonna try to fall back asleep ME: PUT ON KHLOE & LAMAR! THAT SHOULD DO THE TRICK. 2 days ago

OpieRadio "@cfoley5446: @OpieRadio sunset over grace bay - Turks and Caicos pic.twitter.com/vNMNpEBS" ME: R U stalking me? :) 3 days ago

OpieRadio It's just a matter of time before World Peace does something not so peaceful! Ron Artest is the modern day Hulk! 3 days ago

OpieRadio Hey stroke face aka @gretawire do U feel good about yourself going after @louisck for being funny? BOYCOTT m.gawker.com/5892094/lets-a… 3 days ago

OpieRadio @gretawire 3 days ago

OpieRadio RT @DarthMode: where does a fancy man and his wife and child go on vacation? ME: IN TRAILER IN TORNADO ALLEY. LOVE THE BREEZE 4 days ago

OpieRadio RT @SteveEngheben: @OpieRadio Are you out next week ? ME: NO, I ONLY TAKE 2 DAY VACATIONS! #UseYourDumbBrain 4 days ago

So where is Turks and Caicos?
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