Orange man sells car on Craigslist, steals it back, tries to sell it again, police say

The headline is misleading. He isn't orange at all!
Police arrested an Orange man on Wednesday after finding him driving a stolen vehicle — which he had just sold to a New York woman days earlier.
According to Mahwah Police Chief James N. Batelli, Officer David Vega pulled over the Pontiac G8 after noticing it had illegally tinted windows when it passed him at around 10:40 a.m.

A routine check of the car's license plate revealed that the plate was "not on file." The driver, Reynold Joseph, told Vega that the plate had been put on by a car dealership where he worked.

Further investigation revealed that Joseph's license was suspended in both New York and New Jersey, Batelli said.
Joseph claimed that he had just purchased the car after responding to a Craigslist ad, and produced a title to show he was the legal owner.

Vega was suspicious, however, and after running the Vehicle Identification Number through a national database, determined that the car had been reported stolen out of Nassau County, N.Y. Joseph was arrested, and a subsequent search of his vehicle found two "master keys" used to open Acura vehicles and Toyota Camry models.

After speaking with Nassau County police, Vega learned that Joseph had recently used Craigslist to sell the car to a woman in Long Island. The woman later discovered that she had been given the incorrect title, and contacted Joseph, who promised to return to New York and deliver the correct documentation.

That same night, the woman reported that the car was stolen from her driveway.

Vega also determined that the car had been re-listed on Craigslist in an attempt to sell the vehicle again, according to Batelli.

Joseph has been charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of burglary tools and possession of motor vehicle master keys. Additional charges are expected to be filed by Nassau County police.

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There are master keys for cars? I did not know that..

Mechanical? Or is it an electronic thing..

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I wonder how many times he got away with that.


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I thought they were going with "teen" and "youth."


An Orange nagger with a Master key? No good can come from this.


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Who gave him the fuckin' key?




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