Other things Renee the intern finds funny...


Be afraid...be very afraid.
Renee the intern keeps bringing radio gold to the show, so we're trying to compile a list of other things Renee find funny....

For example:
mightymalachi said:
Other things Renee finds funny include include AIDS, starving children, and comedies on the CW.


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Family Circus, Carpoolers/Cavemen, Dave Barry, "What I Like About You", Two and a Half Men, King of Queens, Everyone hates Raymond, How I Met Your Mother,


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1) Lingering Longer
2) BabyGirl
3) AngelFuck
4) The team known as BabyFuck.


AKA Eqyptian Teabag the Friendly Arab
The Amazing Jonathon and Sindbad.


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Twitchels disabled comedy tour, Paula Poundstone, wacky morning shows, and Flight of The Concords


Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
Balloons, Crabs, Chicken and Bubble Gum.


Mrs. Fuckin Funny
- Good Luck Chuck
- Frank TV
- Commercials with talking animals of any variety

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I hear she likes jokes asking why aren't planes made from the same stuff as the black box, especially when its done in song parody form.


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She's radio fucking cancer. I bet she'd find starring in a Maxx Hardcore movie funny.


Mrs. Fuckin Funny
preston and steve, john and jeff, and free beer and hotwings

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It is chicks like this that started the phrase, "Too funny!"