Otto & George....


Holy S....they were goddamn funny yesterday!
i love them guys...actually just the puppet!


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I want to say they are really funny. Yet it is really Otto and his other personality. Otto himself is just as he seems. I have never seen him perform live. Though I met him at that place that he plugged on the air on wed. Calico Jacks in Oceanside. He was a real cool guy. He was with Gorilla boy and they were plastered. I'll give Gorilla boy one thing, he had the chicks hanging all over him. Otto was just a regular looking LI dude. We were chillin' watching the hotties dance to his friends band. Later that night I got on stage with the band to sing "Wild Thing". It was a classic night. As far as I remember. :D

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American Dummies came out last week, with Otto & George, Breuer and Lewis Black... has anyone heard how it was????