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Prosecutor Appeals After Judge Drops **** Charges Against Liberian Over Lack of Interpreter
Monday, July 23, 2007


Mahamu Kanneh
ROCKVILLE, Md. — The prosecutor in the case of a Liberian native charged with repeatedly ****** and molesting a 7-year-old girl said Monday that he is filing an appeal of a controversial judge's ruling that dismissed all charges because an interpreter who spoke the suspect's rare West African dialect could not be found.

Montgomery County State's Attorney John McCarthy called the ruling last Tuesday by Judge Katherine Savage "improper," adding that his office has "requested that an appeal be taken to reverse the court's order."

Savage ruled on July 17 that Mahamu Kanneh, a Liberian who received asylum in the U.S. and attended high school and community college here, was denied a speedy trial after three years awaiting a court-appointed interpreter who could speak the tribal language of Vai. Linguists estimate that only 100,000 people speak Vai.

Savage called her decision one of the most difficult she's had to make in a long time, especially since she was aware of "the gravity of this case and the community's concern about offenses of this type."

at least the judge has the right name but is fucked up in the head. i saw this on cnn and they found 3 people who speak both languages and one of them lives in the county the trial was to take place. our justice system just flat out sucks.


Just throw the rapist/kid toucher into a wood chipper, ASAP.


shit fuck cunt
...a Liberian who received asylum in the U.S. and attended high school and community college here...
Obviously he understands English and there is no need for an interpreter. Throw him and the judge who made this ridiculous decision in a wood chipper.