Overlord - Xbox 360


You can go fuck.
Another one in the test bin.

It's developed by Codebreakers. That english crew. They usually make decent games.

The premise? A really great one that's right up my alley.
You get to play either the evil overlord, or the reeeeally evil overlord.
Your purpose is to wreak havoc, instill fear in your enemies, and get your minions (of different varieties) to entirely kick ass.

It reminds me of a cross between Dungeon Keeper, Diablo, Fable and Viva pinata/pikman. (and possibly a few other good pc rpg/strategy games). I thought it an interesting combination.
This one is definitely a winner. I can tell from the first hour of play.

It incorporates a lot of elements long time gamers will recognize here and there from other games. And usually does so in a manner that improves on the ideas they came from. So you're not really "feeling" like you've been here or done x, y thing before. Also, it doesn't leave you feeling cheated for getting another carbon copy game. this one isn't it.

Overall, this game stands out from gameplay perspective.
It's nice to look at, the sounds and bgm aren't offensive or detract from the game, and it's fun.
Controls take a bit getting used to, namely camera control aspects. But it doesn't render the game unplayable.

I'm reluctant to spoil the neat things I've found so far about this game, but I can definitely recommend it to fans of 1) evil 2) destruction 3) not getting in trouble for evil or destruction.

It's certainly the best offering I've messed around with so far, among the titles sitting on my desk here.