OWS Protesters Caught Dumping Piss/Shit in Public Places.


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Yeah, these guys are just like the Tea Party...:rolleyes:

OWS protester caught on video dumping human waste in lower Manhattan plaza
Philadelphia man arrested


Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 6:19 PM

Cops flushed an Occupy Wall Street protester after he was caught on surveillance video dumping human waste in two downtown Manhattan locations, police said.

The stomach-turning footage, released by police Wednesday, shows the group of demonstrators pouring containers full of human urine and feces into an open-air plaza on the corner of Nassau and Cedar streets on March 14.

About 20 minutes later, one of the suspects emptied a bucket of the foul concoction into a Chase ATM vestibule on Water St.

Jordan Brooks Amos, 25, of Philadelphia, was picked up two days later after a witness called in the getaway car’s license plate, police said.

Amos — who sources said was in charge of delivering food to protesters — was charged with unlawful possession of noxious matter and driving without a license. Cops also found a stun gun inside his vehicle.

Police are still hunting for at least two more people who helped Amos lug the rancid matter.
video: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york...1048469#ooid=liaGE4NDpGD5VTVWA5yMohV9I35CuRwF


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Our local Occupy fellows were wiping their shit on the US Bank windows across from the courthouse. They caught a couple, and one said it was because they were charging fees for debit cards. Of course he can't tell the difference between US Bank and Bank of America.


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Wonder of Nancy Pelosi still thinks these guys are just swell?


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Funny how the White House and most of the libtard press suddenly has nothing positive to say about the OWS "movement" anymore. I guess it's no longer helpful to them. Sort of how like Cindy Sheenan had 15 minutes of fame before she became a burden and was dumped.

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Sweet merciful Jesus I had almost forgotten about these fucking hippies.

Is it that time of year again?


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It's a shame it was such a mild winter. I really had hoped some would have frozen to death.


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Wonder what they were all doing with their piss and shit up until today?


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I decided to stroll down to see the Denver Occupiers and it was the strangest thing. They were running around insulting everyone and threatening to box them.


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I'm not so sure this PR campaign is going to win the support they were hoping for.