OxyContin maker knew drug would be addictive, court filing reveals


LDAR, bitch.
No, there’s this drug I’m thinking of. Supposedly it comes from the bark of a certain tree, or moss or something. Makes you trip I guess, then it makes you puke your guts out.
Done it. If you’re gonna puke, that happens first, THEN you trip. Never saw anyone puke on it, however.


Lying causes cat piss smell.
Must be nice to be able to take something to have pain relief. None of that shit has ever worked on me.


Having it my way since '98
Oxys don't do fuck all for me for pain. Percocets usually knock me out but that's it, and now I can't even get those.
Only prescribed thing that knocks me out is Demerol, but while in pain, and I'd wake in pain too. Oddly enough, it's the synthetics that seem to pack the punch for me that the naturals don't. Percs actually work (Vics a little bit) while Codeine and Morphine (pills) are like tic tacs.