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Wifflebatlube said:
We're not endorsing any company here. Why does there always have to be some fucking plot behind everything?
We wanted to put a cam in the studio. XM has been saying no for over a year. Some people on wackbag were using Paltalk so I signed up and created a room for whoever wanted to sign up or whoever was already signed up. This seems to be a good way to bend the rules a bit since it's my own account and cam and shit. PLEASE enlighten me as to the other alternatives you speak of for doing this that could be free to everybody and gives this type of service! By the way, these alternatives can't include us buying a server and hooking up a dedicated webcam for the XM studio that is free to the listeners but cost "someone" 15 grand in bandwidth charges.

This was set up so up to 300 people at a time can see what goes on in the studio. Do you have to pay? yes. Will every day be "action packed" to watch? No. WE'RE NOT SELLING THIS SERVICE! WE'RE NOT SELLING ANYTHING HERE!!! It's just a quicky way I thought would be kinda cool for a few listeners to peek in on the show and see and hear a little of what goes on during breaks. It also works out as a way for fans to get together during the show and chat. No matter what we do there's ALWAYS some people with a fucking problem. God damn, I thought this one was a no brainer. I swear I must be going senile 'cause I couldn't really see anyone bitching about this usual!
So what you're trying to say here in an not so obvious way is that you're getting kickbacks from Paltalk to put a cam in the studio and are demanding that all the listeners go out and buy premium paltalk accounts so you can pay for the new million dollar diamond rims you are buying for your escalade (since it isn't an escalade if it doesn't have the bling). Fair enough Anthony. I'll gladly sign myself up for a paltalk account if it helps you be a fancy man.

But really, I can see your frustration at the audacity of people complaning about something you did for the benifit of the listeners. It isn't easy or cheap to setup the infrastructure to support hundreds of unicast camera streams. Just a rough idea on the figures for people. It could maybe be done at a cost of $2 per month per user given you had 300 users on a couple servers with unmetered bandwidth. For a decent quality TV stream you need 32k of bandwidth with the right codec. Of course that doesn't include the man hours to operate said server.. network engineers, such as myself, get paid anywhere from 60 to 140K a year depending on where you are, how skilled you are, etc.. software costs money, so you have to add that.. going with a service which already has the infrastructure to handle thousands of users, means they can do it cheaper per user. So my suggestion to people is to quit being such jew bastarards, maybe skip on the starbucks for a week, and cough up the money to pay the kind folk over at paltalk for the yearly subscription if you really want to see the studio cam. Hell you also get to see the other people who have cameras, indulge your perverted desires in some of the adult chat rooms, and get to have a little fun playing letss raid the schwoogie room every once in awhile. Maybe eventually XM will find a way to make money off the deal and come up with something better... but they're never going to do that if they don't see a solid demand for it. What better proof that to give them hard evidence such as "look here, we have over a thousand O&A listeners who have paid extra just to view a cam of the studio." It'll still likely not happen any time soon, but it will never happen if you just complain.


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esky said:
Why can't the show have a live cam for the listeners in the studio during show hours for free?

Paltalk is a paid service, and it seems like someone on the show is gonna get rich from every referral that subscribes for the service to watch the O&A show - and I doubt this is either O&A or XM. I don't particularily mind that some interen or whoever else with the show makes money through foundry and such, but foundry itself is just full of advertisments as is, and now a paid webcam service?

Give us a regular webcam stream on a page without all this shitty software and third-party paid services.
Because you sir, are a giant douche, that's why.
To all those that don't want to pay the fee, tough shit. Are these fucking people really trying to act like the boys are out to fuck people over? Just be grateful that they make the show as interactive as it is and shut up.

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Cozmik said:
I'd like to check it out but the one time I tried went like this:

1. Entered the Whackbag Pest room.
2. Saw a message to identify myself to a @ and send a pm through whackbag or get kicked.
3. Typed in a message to @dugoutdoug
4. Kicked for 24 hours

That whole process lasted 30 seconds.

5. sent pm through Whackbag to dugout doug identifying myself and how do I get okayed to enter the room.

6. Waited a week so far for a response.

Not trying to blame Doug in any form or fashion ... I slipped through the cracks somewhere or else I'm not welcome. And that's ok but I'm not going to pay the money for Paltalk if I'm not welcome in the room. Its a really cool idea, but I feel like I've been left behind after a Stones concert.

Hi, I get a lot of PM's so sorry if I took a while to get back to you.

Everyone is welcome. I have a room on there for wackbaggers, we like you to ID yourself as a wackbagger in there. the room where the studio cam is in, is owned by someone different, and you don't have to be a wackbagger to stay there.


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Mooseman said:
I'm pissed, but only because this didn't happen earlier. I was unemployed for 6 months and listened to the show every morning. Now that I have a job I can't sit around my computer and watch O&A.
Here here! Why, oh why dear God, couldn't WBL have added PalTalk to the show when I was among the filthy unemployed masses? I had already paid my Paltalk fee when I got canned, so I had an active account and PLENTY of time on my hands to bask in the goodness and comeraderie that is the O&A show combined with Oh, woe is me, to have a job with no access to an unmonitored/unfirewalled internet connection! :icon_mad::icon_mad::icon_mad::icon_mad::icon_mad:

Oh, and to you douche holes who are ragging Ant, FUCK YOU IN YOUR SCABBY ASSES! Ant is doing a HUGE service to the fans of the show, and this is the thanks he gets? You would all be served right if Ant said "Fuck you all" and phoned in the show from here on out, just as a certain hook nosed douche cock does every day (except for fridays, of course.)


come on in if you like, room is up

Search for Norton and you will find it

Lockword removed. Sorry about that.


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I want to go in the goodness of the paltalk rooms. :(
The payment thing for Paltalk is a fucking joke. Why can't they just have a regular online payment thing? I've been trying forever to pay with the online chat thing, and these people are completely incompitent.

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Yeah...well I'm fucking Barb!!!
AGAIN, let me make a point.

I have my own wackbag paltalk room, in there, I have my own rules, I prefer that only wackbaggers come in. I don't want the negative bullshit. I mod my room the way I like, and you can go make your own room. PERIOD

I am however a mod for the Studio cam room. In there the rules are NOT mine. There are bounces that take place. If you are harassing a woman on cam, or if you look like you are an Arab there by mistake (Aparently "Opie" means something in that language) you will be bounced, cus we have limited space, and prefer fans be able to see.

If you are lurking on another board and looking at this, everyone is welcome on the studio cam board. You will not be bounced unless you piss off the owner of the room, or we thought you were an Arab.
Hooray, I was finally able to pay. Is the Wackbag room up right now? I can't seem to find it.


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Pat from Moonachie, are you happy now sir??? :-D


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whatta cluster fuck of a thread for something so simple.

Anyways, I want to mention for people have trouble finding the rooms. Make sure you have "Adult Content" turned "ON". If the adult content is off you will not find the room w/ the search feature or in the room list. Adult rooms are rated R and A (for adult). When adult content is turned "OFF" you will only see G (General) rated rooms.

To make things less confusing (after engaging the Adult content option to ON):
Search for opie or anthony in the search box. It will come up.

For the studio Live cam that would be Anthony's room:
opie and Anthony Live!

When you enter the room say Hello and that your a fan. I'd suggest adding a moderator to your buddy list incase your wrongfully bounced out of the room. Chat room administraters have @ symbols before their name. Example @DugoutDougtheattentionwhore :icon_lol: or @ImaFan

The studio cam is under user @opant Be advised that Ant is doing a live radio show, so bothering him over ban or paltalk room issues while live is just ridiculous, the fancy man is busy. If you have a chat room issue contact one of the other room mods that are more than capable of handling your problem.

Add the room to your favorites. Its easy to do, once in the chat room it is a button located on the top of the chat window. Add the room to your favorites and no more of using the search box crap.


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That was very concise and informative. Thanks.

I have been turning adult content on.

No, I'm not trying to push any further, just thanking ANYONE for a post that made sense....

Mr Bungle rules....


You can go fuck.
Just don't fucking use paypal to pay. Like I did.
Not if you like instant gratification.



paltalk rocks. Dougout Doug is the man.


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I have been on paltalk for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday, there were no O&A rooms open so I created one of my own. Here are some of my thoughts after that experience.

1. I read people here complaining because DougoutDoug hasn't responded to their message or has kicked them out of the room. I was the admin of my room for a day, and let me tell you, it is a lot of work. Infact, you lose a lot of the fun of the room by being admin. Doug does a great job, so when he has the wackbag room open, don't give him any trouble. He is doing a great job. If you get bounced, etc., well, too bad. Mistakes happen.

2. I will continue to keep my room open as an alternative to the other O&A rooms, however, read the intro:
"Opie and Anthony Fans Unite. Now a place for chatting and WoWing while waiting for the better O&A rooms to open. You know what they are!"
My room is here until other rooms open up. I do not want to step on any toes.

3. There are lots of wackbaggers who have been on paltalk long before us newbies jumped on board. If they want to go and talk privately, out of the fray of the busy board, that is there right. No need for anybody to get offended. If you want to have a private room with your friends, nobody is going to stop you, so why should you be mad at them.

4. Yes, star fucking is wrong, stop it.

In any event, yesterday was a great learning experience for me. I hope to see those in paltalk in the wackbag room. If it is closed, check to see if my room is open "Opie and Anthony Fans". Once wackbag opens, I may close it as there is little sense having a bunch of O&A rooms open.

I hope to see everybody online soon.

PS. Lucci, I love you, and TraceyMcScottish, you have aids.


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it only gives me a 10 second clip of the camera how do you get it to keep rolling?


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Balogny Tits said:
I think that she has the best aviator on wackbag (and the nicest breasts around):icon_lol: !
Lucci has her own personal pilot?


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hemmorage said:
Lucci has her own personal pilot?
Didn't you know?? Howard Hughes and I are an item.
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