I gotta return some video tapes.
Apr 28, 2005
I saw the movie sinister and from some reasons struck some stupid nerve to trigger this. Lately I have been paranoid of home invasions and such. When really I don't have any real reason to. I live in a town where that's not really common. Good neighborhood and good part of town. And I say I'm properly prepared: Home Alarm with sensors on all windows and doors, Burglar bars on windows, solid back doors (no homo) that are ALWAYS locked, a very solid wrought iron front door with full iron frame, door to garage is always locked and garage door is rigged with the alarm, corner house on a busy street where cops usually patrol, 5 guns down stairs, 7 guns upstairs, and a pug and 2 other dogs that bark for EVERYTHING they hear. I'm trained on using a gun and so is the rest of my family. The gun I sleep next to is always loaded. We have a designated "safe room" and all. But I can't stop being paranoid. I'm having cameras installed and more burglar bars as well. Also a security update to the front door. Anybody have this type of paranoia? (other than those whose last name is Cummia). It's crazy. I've never had this type of paranoia. Is this rational or am I being a pansy.