Parents thoughts on circumcision


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So I finally had my kid 9 days ago, perfectly health baby boy (after a little bout of jaundice). After the birth the nurse asked if we wanted him circumcised and and we said we did, and I didn't really think much of it. During the pregnancy me and the wife talked it over and agreed to circumcise him based mostly on the fact that my wife and some of our friends we asked agreed that uncircumcised wieners look gross. But the nurse later informed us that for various health reasons it would be better for the baby if we waiting until he was 2-3 months to do it.

So naturally, given time to dwell on it, I'm not sure what to do. Our main reason for doing it was cosmetic, but after some research and thought on it I realized that it looks gross because it is not what were used to. Circumcision is becomes less popular as time goes on and I believe that in the future, uncircumcised penis's wont have the same stigma. It also seems that there is no confirmed research saying it has a effect on sensitivity, but a lot of people believe it to. So in the long run, are we just harming him in having his wiener chopped?

Wish we had more then one girl on here that posted, would like a opinion from some women. Oh well, what does the all-knowing 'bag think?

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My friend's dad had it done at 70 because the skin thickened up over time and he couldn't skin it back any more. He was in absolute misery before the operation and more misery after. I can't see into the future, but I do know I won't have to be clipped at 70 and neither will my boy.

If I derived any more sensitivity and pleasure than I do now, I wouldn't have time to get it out of my pants.

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Ask yourself this... Do I want my son walking around with this in his pants?

Or this?

It's abnormal to not get it cut these days. Just get it done.


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My wife and I had my son cut when he was 3 days old and it was fine. There are people that advocate against it but after seeing my son pull at his dick when we change him I am thankful that there isn't more for him to grab. My boy is 11 months old now .

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My sons had it done about a day or two after they were born.

Absolutely no regrets.

Although I will admit I was pretty horrified seeing it while it was healing, and i'm not squeamish with blood, etc.

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And I don't get it, when you have the old elephant trunk do you have to pull the skin back to take a piss?
Seems like a fucking hassle.


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When our son was born last year, we decided to do the "smart" thing and research the issue... turns out that there really aren't that high a percentage of parents doing them in a neo-natal setting, for whatever reason. Roughly 40%. We end up making the decision based on the fact that I am. I wonder exactly what the nurse meant by "various health reasons". My experience in neo-natal care is that nurses don't know what the fuck they are talking about.

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Wish we had more then one girl on here that posted, would like a opinion from some women. Oh well, what does the all-knowing 'bag think?
"Hey, what're your thoughts on Circumcision?" asked to my Chick.

"I don't know. I've read alot about for and against. I tend to lean more towards 'For', as I've gone over a lot about how infection when you get older. I figure since it'd be your son, I'd let it be your call."

Typical woman answer. Fuck sakes.

Personally I'm for, even though that extra skin makes the end of your hog like a clit. More responsive. I had my end clipped at birth. I prefer how my hog looks without that Worm Head thing on it. Most women I've talked to about it, prefer clipped to non. Then there's the health reasons. Kids especially aren't know for being all that responsible about being cleanly.

Clipped is better.


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Another vote for clipped. We had a problem with our second son that the hospital wouldn't do it so we had to take him to the pediatrician a week later. That was way more horrible an experience then it needed to be.
I can't believe how much it cost my insurance company to get the ole wee wee chopping. 500 I think?

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I got a friend who is uncut and he said alot of broads won't suck it... I got no idea if he's being a bullshitter or not...

My wife said he probably isn't, so take that for what it's worth.

If you want your son to get blown someday, get it clipped. :D


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Personally, I agree that an unclipped cock is not attractive. I can also tell you that if feels like one of those handmade sausages with the pinched ends. Yes, the kid will probably scream for a min but it's better than his future girlfriends screaming when they see it.

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I can't believe how much it cost my insurance company to get the ole wee wee chopping. 500 I think?
You should try pricing a bar mitzvah.

Another vote for clipped. I remember reading that wives of unclipped men are more prone to cervical cancer. Saw it on a placemat so it must be true...

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An argument for unclipped...

Your son will have the potential for much more pleasurable homosexual docking experiences if you leave him unclipped. So there's that.


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Clip it,
Its what separates us from the savages.


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Post pics of before and after.

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