Parliment member throws shoe, pulls gun on critic on live TV

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Talk about must-see TV. In Jordan, a furious TV debate turned into a YouTube moment when a member of parliament threw a shoe and pulled a gun on his rival.The scene has been replayed on the Web more than 110,000 times, and counting. Luckily, nobody was hurt, although the gun-drawing parliamentarian, identified by the Times of Israel as Mohammed Shawabka, could face attempted murder charges from the political activist named Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad.
The video clip shows the two arguing about Jordan's policies toward the uprising in Syria. The two begin to shout as the TV host, sitting between them, tries to keep them calm, and fails.

well, things look ok in Jordan............

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Twitter erupted over the video with comments from around the globe like this from Mosa'ab Elshamy,"Because throwing a shoe at the opponent isn't enough anymore."

Victoria Kim added, "And I thought Korean politicians couldn't be topped."

Pablo V. wondered, "How you throw a shoe then pull out a roscoe on live television AND you're a member of parliament?"
Uggh. More lazy Twitter "man on the street" reporting.


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Great title. Disappointing content. Was not what I was hoping for.





Go back to your shanties.
Seemed like a pretty civilized discussion to me. Come on guys, it's a different culture. Be respectful.