Patrice O'Neal's Black Phillip w/ Dante Nero 2/9/2008


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This Saturday Night is the return of The Black Phillip w/ Patrice O'Neal & Dante Nero and Leah Bonnema? and guest(s). Patrice O'Neal & Dante Nero are comedians that discuss how to get sex and keep having sex for people who may not have the skills that they have. It is a fun show and if you have nothing to do this Saturday night, you really should listen.

Directly preceding Black Phillip is Smodcasts by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier

Show Times
9 PM - 12 AM EST
6 PM - 9 PM PST


LEAH IS AN ASSHOLE! :action-sm


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what time does this start
i fucking love this show

its needs to be weekly or even daily

pay the man!


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Does anyone have this to download? many thanks in advance!