Paul Ryan focusing all of his campaign efforts....on holding onto his Congress seat.


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GOP running mate Ryan to hit Wisconsin’s airwaves with ads defending his seat in Congress

HUDSON, Wis. — Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan plans to begin airing ads in Wisconsin as he asks voters to elect him to an eighth House term that he hopes to never serve.

Contracts formalized Tuesday with at least one Milwaukee television station show that Ryan’s congressional ads will start airing Wednesday morning and go initially for two weeks. The Ryan congressional ads start in the same week as presidential ticket mate Mitt Romney’s commercials went on air in Wisconsin, although the cost for the two sets of ads are drawn from different campaign accounts.

Wisconsin law allows Ryan to seek both offices simultaneously but only serve in one if he wins the pair. His Democratic opponent in the state’s 1st District is Rob Zerban, a former county official.

Ryan’s congressional campaign manager Kevin Seifert confirmed that ads defending the seat will run in the Milwaukee and Madison markets. He said Ryan expects to run House ads through the Nov. 6 election. They will be paid for with a Ryan campaign fund that brimmed with more than $5.4 million as of late July.

Officials previously said Ryan filmed a collection of ads before he was named Romney’s running mate in early August. Seifert said the first focuses on “the importance of electing leaders who are capable of advancing solutions that get America back on track and provide a prosperous future for our children and grandchildren.”

Ryan represents an area that has typically supported Democrats for president but sent him to Washington by wide margins.


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Ummmmmmmmm, what's the problem? I get the misleading thread title...because he's obviously not focusing all of his campaign efforts on his seat in Congress. In fact, his campaign ads were taped before he was named running mate. Sooooooo, why is this even a thread???


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I think what Mayr was going for is that he wants a gig he can fall back on if that whole VP thing doesn't work out for him... :action-sm

Isn't that right fenrir?
In the interest of fairness...

Republicans jumped all over this when Lieberman was running with Gore and did the same thing.

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I was pissed when Lieberman did it & it sucks now. I get why they both did it, as there was no downside to doing so, but there needs to be a law in place that you can only appear on the ballot running for one office in any given election cycle.


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OH! Ok...I understand why you lefties are irritated by this. Ryan is trying to remain in political office if he and Romney lose...BUT the right thing to do would've been to coordinate with Scott Walker and try to sell the congressional seat to the highest bidder. Makes sense now. :icon_cool

In the interest of fairness...

Hack Hawk Down said:
Republicans jumped all over this when Lieberman was running with Gore and did the same thing.

Just like "Republicans" were all fauxraged over Joe Biden staying in his Senate race, right? And John Kerry, right?

Let's be honest, your idea of fairness is to protect your "side" and criticize the other "side"...even by bringing up some of the most off the wall shit ("But, but Lieberman...!"). Gimme a break.


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In the interest of fairness...

Republicans jumped all over this when Lieberman was running with Gore and did the same thing.
In the interest of fairness, you're a dope.

Wisconsin law allows [campaigner] to seek both offices simultaneously but only serve in one if he wins the pair.


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Looks like there may be a good reason why Ryan is focusing so much on his seat in Congress. Romney-Ryan ticket is falling apart. You've got Ryan calling Romney "Stench" behind his back. Why is the underrated, honest left-wing media the only ones covering this story? Why is the vast right-wing media avoiding this story??????

Paul Ryan Goes Rogue And Refers To As "Stench" Romney

Are we now witnessing the second Vice President on a Republican ticket in four years “go rogue”? Is Paul Ryan fed up with what some see as his Romneyization by the Romney camp? Is he following 2008 Vice Presidential nominee’s advice to “go rogue”? Or both? Yes, expect Camp Romney and Camp Ryan to try and paper over this report. But the Politico’s Roger Simon is a trustworthy, experienced reporter.And his report is getting a lot of buzz:
Paul Ryan has gone rogue. He is unleashed, unchained, off the hook.
“I hate to say this, but if Ryan wants to run for national office again, he’ll probably have to wash the stench of Romney off of him,” Craig Robinson, a former political director of the Republican Party of Iowa, told The New York Times on Sunday.
Coming from a resident of Iowa, a state where people are polite even to soybeans, this was a powerful condemnation of the Republican nominee.
Though Ryan had already decided to distance himself from the floundering Romney campaign, he now feels totally uninhibited. Reportedly, he has been marching around his campaign bus, saying things like, “If Stench calls, take a message” and “Tell Stench I’m having finger sandwiches with Peggy Noonan and will text him later.”
Have we ever heard of a winning Presidential ticket in American politics that had a Vice Presidential candidate have an attitude like this about his running mate? Talk about a total lack of deference (or respect). MORE:
Even before the stench article appeared, there was a strong sign that Ryan was freeing himself from the grips of the Romney campaign. It began after his disastrous appearance on Friday before AARP in New Orleans. Ryan delivered his remarks in the style dictated by his Romney handlers: Stand behind the lectern, read the speech as written and don’t stray from the script.
Ryan brought his 78-year-old mother with him and introduced her to the audience, which is usually a sure crowd pleaser.
But when Ryan began talking about repealing “Obamacare” because he said it would harm seniors, one woman in the crowd shouted, “Lie!” Another shouted “Liar!” and the crowd booed Ryan lustily.
Who boos a guy in front of his 78-year-old mother? Other 78-year-old mothers.
There is one aspect to this that is not usually discussed. The Vice President selection is one of the most anti-democratic parts of our political process. The nominee gets to pick a person and then it is understood whomever he or she points to will be swallowed by the part and annointed really by finger pointing, with a vote as an afterthought, by the nominee. Viewed within this context, why would a Vice Presidential nominee have to be totally controlled by the Presidential candidate? He or she has the nomination and is running. MORE
According to Simon, shortly after that Ryan “broke free.” He started doing presentations his own way:
He did a PowerPoint presentation for the crowd. According to the National Journal, be began thusly: “ ‘I’m kind of a PowerPoint guy, so I hope you’ll bear with me,’ Ryan told the audience as he began clicking through four slides, which showed graphs depicting U.S. debt held by the public from 1940 to present, debt per person in the United States, percentage of debt held by foreign countries and a breakdown of federal spending. He then launched into a 10-minute monologue on the federal debt.”
Ryan’s PowerPoint slides were officially labeled: “Our Unsustainable Debt (U.S. Debt Held by Public as a Share of Economy),” “Your Share of the Debt,” “Who Funds Our Reckless Spending?” and “How the Government Spends Your Money.”
The Romney campaign was furious. But Ryan reportedly said, “Let Ryan be Ryan and let the Stench be the Stench.”
Very bad news for Romney: (1)If his own running mate isn’t treating him with respect or as if he already has the majesty of the Oval Office surrounding him, who will? (2)Vice Presidential candidates have almost always been deferential to the person at the top of the ticket. (3)Even reports about Sarah Palin didn’t have her calling McCain names. (4)The talk about let Ryan be Ryan underscores the thirst many GOPers have for a genuine candidate who is known for not just conservative ideas but talking in terms of specificity.
P.S. Expect Romney and Ryan to say all is well and for operatives to deny the story. But Roger Simon isn’t a reporter who makes things up and he cannot be accused of being a Democratic operative or a closet member of MSNBC.
Just think about it: when have we seen a Vice Presidential candidate talk about the top of the ticket this way? The spin will be that it’s all a joke — which would mean Simon’s article is wrong.
Given other factoids emerging about the Romney campaign this fits into a pattern even a can of dogfood on the shelf of Safeway can see about the Romney campaign:
Not a good one.
Oh maybe that's why it's not being covered: it was a poorly executed goof article written by Politico's Ron Simon.

Clearly, a disaster for the Romney campaign, right? No, it was apparently a clumsy attempt at satire gone horribly awry.
As Ben Smith of Buzzfeed, a former Politico blogger, tweeted: "So uh a lot of people seem not to have picked up that @politicoroger's column was satire." Put more succinctly by conservative blogger JammieWearingFool: "Satire should actually be funny."
Or, at least it should be pretty obvious. There is no underestimating the literal-mindedness of the American reader: Years ago when I worked at the Times we published a satirical op-ed column by Steve Martin riffing on the idea that a NASA Mars probe had discovered millions of kittens on the Red Planet. Shortly thereafter, a subscriber sent a terse letter to the editor asking us to "inform your science correspondent" that the lack of oxygen on Mars made kitten infestation highly unlikely.
Naturally, no writer wants to put a blinking sign indicating "This Is a Joke" above his or her parody piece. But editors should realize that if there is even a chance that such a sign is necessary, it's probably best to spike the whole idea. Otherwise, you might end up fooling a lot of people, maybe even aNobel Prize winner.
Dumbasses. Even stupidass Krugman fell for it.