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Quick question (cause I can't find a mention of it in the show rundowns or listening threads): what day did Jimmy make the joke that before George Washington Carver invented the peanut, Charles Shultz drew a comic strip called ________ ? I really thought it was a brilliant line, but I can't recall what day it was.

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It was a day before today.

moan-day i reckon? or fridee.


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I'm sure it was last week, because I haven't been able to catch the show live this week. I scanned through Friday's show, and that's not it. I think it was leading either into or out of a Black History Month bit.

Honestly, I'm surpirsed it didn't get a mention in the listening thread here or at FBA.

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the peanutbutter idea was stolen from Washington Carver by some white men, Frederick "skippy" williamson, and Jeffry "Jiff" douglas
at the time, he was working on a way to turn a peanut into a phonograph needle
He died pennyless and insane

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