Pearl Harbor


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OK let me just start off by saying this movie was so boring that I paid 9 bucks to sleep in a comfy seat for 2 hours....if u honestly want to see this...please wait and make it a blockbuster night.
Thanks for the movie review. I heard O&A talking about it yesterday and everyone says this movie blows.


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Look up suck in the dictionary and This movie is their.... Its a sin that everyone keeps going and making it the greatest movie money maker of all time lol
For our Jap friends out their
Disa movie sucka bigtime aa so :rolleyes:
Damn, good thing I did not go see this Debotchery of a movie. The only reason I did not see it either was because O&A were ragging on it so hard... And I really wanted to see that movie before it came out, the trailers looked real good, but I guess all the good scenes of the movie were put in them. So, I guess it's safe to say this is no Saving Private Ryan, right?