Penn State Football 2012: The O'Brien Era Begins


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I figure that there has been some exciting news for PSU Football in the wake of the past 4 months, so I thought I would start another thread for this new era.

I have to say, although I was amoung the chorus that hated the hire, 'Brien has done an amazing job so far in a very tough situation and I am actually excited for this new ear for the Lions.

1. Having a great press conference acknowledging Joe's impact and extending an olive branch to the old alumni.

2. Keeping LJ and Vanderlinden, PSU's two best recruiters.

3. Getting a diverse coaching staff that will recruit into areas outside of PA we have not been players in for a while if at all.

4. Salvaging the 2012 recruting class even perhaps getting a few diamonds in the rough

5. Repairing the PA High School Coaches bridges that were somewhat charred by the last few years.

6. Getting a new S&C coach and booting the awful HIT philosphy that no one else in the country ran.

7. Making the staff much more accessible to the media and opening up the program that was hidden behind a CIA level of secrecy for some reason.

8. Having the entire coaching staff recruit both in state and out of state...not relying on 40% of the staff doing 100% of the recruiting.

9. Getting (4) 4/5 star recruits at critical positions including the #1 TE in the nation for the next recruiting class. I cannot stress how critical it was for us to land Breneman and think it will help propel us to a Top 10 class. So much for the doomsday lovers who thought this program would tank for the next 5 years...

We may also be in the hunt for Dan O'Brien the QB transfer from MD who wants to be a pro-style offense and had some good seasons before Edsell fucked things up down there. He might be the gap between now and when Hackenburg can take over seeing as how between McGloin/Bolden/JOnes we really do not have any good options on the roster now.

This is the most excited I have been for this program in a while.


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Ok, I know I'm not terribly popular with the 'Staters around here, but I wanted to float this out:

I've been saying for years that when Joe retired, they should name the athletic complex after him. Not the stadium, but the complex. "The Bryce Jordan Center at the Joe Paterno Athletic Complex." "Beaver Stadium at the Joe Paterno Athletic Complex." If you really want to put a stamp on it, name it the Joe and Sue Paterno Athletic Complex. That way, every time any PSU athletics are on TV, Joe gets a bump.

Now, given the emotions of the moment, I can see PSU fans loving this. I can also see problems with this, PR-wise (and let's face it, PSU has fucked up its PR for quite a while now). So, can you see this being pushed in 5-10 years, after the general public perception of all of this has died down a bit?


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The talk is to rename the stadium "Joe Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium." I think once this trial starts and more accounts come forward, there is going to be alot more heat on the BOT and the Second Mile and even the Centre County Children and Youth Center (who back in 1998 worked closely with 2nd Mile and did not appear to want to rock the boat with the first Sandusky investigation) most PSU alum and fans minds, Joe did what he was supposed to.

As more information has come out about what McQueary actually saw, what he actually said to Joe and in turn what Joe reported to his bosses...Joe, IMO, got a raw deal. Alot of us who have been following this story in detail since the pandemonium died a few months ago have come to the conclusion that while Joe should have perhaps followed up a but harder...the thought that he covered anything up, or deserved the bashing he got from the media and his own BOT is no longer the case.

My wife is a school teacher and if an Aide in her class said that she thought she heard something between an adult and a child on school grounds, but did not eyewitness it, but made her uncomfirtable my wife would go to her boss first NOT the cops. Joe went to his boss and PSU security with the same info. Joe was not an SVU detective and had not a good relationship with Sandusky at the time so he gave that info and stayed away thinking his involvement would appear to bias whatever the case was. Should be have followed up a but my opinion...yes. But that can be attributed to man a bit clueless as to the depravity of someone he thought he knew and hoped that the admin would take care of it by the book. They failed everytone in that regard. But as a state employee of an educational facility, Joe did what he was supposed to do BASED on the info he was told.

This is a different story if MM told Joe he eyewitnessed conclusively JS sodomizing the boy...he did not. But everyone ran with that version which is why they got rid of Joe.


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In no way should the Stadium be re-named nor become Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium. Joe has stated multiple times, and VERY emphatically that he does not want the stadium named in his honor. The buildings already bearing his name on campus were properly done; the library and the annex on the Spiritual Center are THE fitting tribute to the man. I've heard talk of Park Ave being re-named Paterno Ave, and I can be on board with that. How perfect would it be that after practice at the Presidents residence the Blue Band walk's down Park Ave to the BJC for Tailgrate? And then after Tailgrate is over they walk once again down Paterno Ave. to Beaver Stadium?

As for O'Brien, I am warming up. He's doing everything right so far (minus his speech at THON this year; less talk of football, more talk of beating cancer). We will have a top ten recruiting class thus far. On top of what we've already got, expect commits from McGlinchy and Switzer soon; possibly Williams the running back out of Philly. I'll also call it now; Danny O'Brien WILL pick Penn State after his visit to Wisky this weekend.


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Did anyone see Hackenberg's high school game yesterday?


I think B.O'B is great on the PR side of things, but I'd be uncomfortable with his installing a pro-style offense. I guess it comes down to what you think PSU will be like for the next several years. If PSU is going to stay a top level team, recruit well, but just have fewer recruits, then the pro works. But if PSU is going to have a serious down-swing, then the best way to go is with a more spread style offense and just recruit the best athlete you can for QB instead of a pocket passer like Hackenberg.

The pro offense requires almost everything to work right. You need a good O-line. You need a good running game. You need a good QB. You need good WRs. It all has to work together to work at all. Meanwhile, a spread/"gimmick" offense just needs an athlete at QB to make things kind of work. Think Randle El at Indiana.

Hackenberg is a great kid. I hope it works out for you guys. I'm just not sure that a pro style offense is the way to go for PSU. Obviously, nobody knew these sanctions were going to come down when B.O'B was hired, but now that they have a strategic move to a system that requires fewer good players might be indicated.
Afternoon fellas. GO PSU!!!
PSU moving the ball well but the turnovers are killing them.
TD! McGloins second of the day.
Don't know what you put but it doesn't bother me either way. I was a fan of the team before what happened I'm a fan now. The team still has my support and I will watch. If the NCAA wants to hand out punishments, fine. But the only people getting punished right now are the kids on the field who had nothing to do with what happened. Punish the people who are responsible. THIS team doesn't deserve it.
Ball game. I knew this was going to be a rough year so I didn't expect much. Thought they'd have beat Ohio though. Oh well, congrats to Ohio.


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Ohio has a pretty good team. It was a game Penn State should have won but shot themselves in the foot too many times. It's a work in progress and I'm sure it will improve as the weeks go on. Hell if people just start catching the ball it'll make a huge difference.
Afternoon fellas. Hoping for a bounce back win this week.
Holy shit that helmet coming off rule is retarded.
Come on. They just burned their 2nd TO in the first 6 minutes.
TD Penn St! Great opening drive except for the wasting of the TO's.
Missed the FG. Wasted opportunity.
Thats a fantastic interception by a lineman.
PSU's place kicker fucking stinks.
Mercifully they half ends before the kicker can embarrass himself with another FG attempt.
PSU's place kicker fucking stinks.
Ficken fuckin sucks. 3rd missed FG. This one a 20 yd chip (wassat?) shot.