Penn & Teller Tell a Lie


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Just saw a promo for this while watching Mythbusters. Coming on next. Looks like Bullshit meets...well, Mythbusters.

Will probably be watching this. Love Penn&Teller

Konstantin K

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I watched the one last week. Kind of a meh premise but Penn is always entertaining. I guessed the lie pretty easily.

Pumpsie Green

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Last week was pretty good. Going to the rio in a couple months to see them. The cheap plugs were great.

transit grinder

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I watched the season premiere. It reminds me of a more engaging version of that late 90s, maybe early 2000's show, Fact or Fiction: Beyond Belief that was hosted by that one Star Trek dude.


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It's pretty good, but after watching Bullshit, it seems a little too bland.


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yea, damn the discovery channel for not showing cocks and tits.
I didn't expect that. I just said it was comparatively bland. If O&A went back to terrestrial from Satellite, the show would seem a little bland or forced, too.