Penny Stocks?


Fuckin savages
Anyone dabble in these? opinions?

My cousin has been doing it for a while and made a few bucks...recently made a tidy little profit ...a few grand on an $80 i decided to give it a shot...nothing big just a couple of bucks here and there just figured i'd see if anyone else had any success
I put a small investment into a Canadian company that dealt with Tar sands. I bought the stock at .53$ (300 shares), waited a month and a half, sold it 1.91$.

Good luck. Invest in small oil companies. If they don't make a profit for themselves, they are usually bought out by a bigger company which means $$ for you.


Fuckin savages
welli just opened a brokerage account and put $100 in just for shits & giggles...he got in on one a few weeks ago, reverse split his 500 sh $ .15 merged with another company and are now worth $5.00 each & rising so i figured i'm set up if something else comes along