Perfect night of HBO


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Tonight Borat premiers on HBO and then lil Jimmy has his special.
I have actually7 never seen Borat although I am a huge fan of Da Ali G series. Really looking forward to this big night,


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You're in for a great night of TV then, my friend. . . Borat is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. . . The cringe-factor is off the scale!!! Jimmy's HBO Special looks to be really great, too! Go get yourself a 6-pack and some snacks. . . Enjoy!!!:action-sm


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Their premiering MR after the HBO premiere of Borat. That's pretty good since Borat will probably get a number of viewers (it was popular).


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I just hope lil Jimmy doesn't make show references like in his One Night Stand special.

The audience got it, the fans got it, but the rest of the HBO viewers probably didn't get it.

Still, I'm looking forward to the special.


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I'm watching the race tonight. Jimmy's show will be on plenty of times
on the HBO channels and on-demand. Sorry sweet cheeks.


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I'm listening to Dr. Steve and Big Kev tonight! Wooooo! [/sarcasm]


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Im watching and then @ 11:00 I cancel HBO. This was the only reason I hung onto HBO after Big Love and Entourage ended their seasons.


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There is also a hell of a boxing match on after Jimmy.