Perhaps O&A on WWF too!


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Who knows maybe after a couple of pregame shows op and ant might find themselves a part of the fray in the wwf. You never know, with the relationship they have with vince and the wwf. I can really see them making an appearance on the raw or smackdown..Or it could just be wishful thinking for the boys.<IMG SRC="" border=0>
Yeah i could see that happening maybe we will be reading about them in a future Ross Report.<IMG SRC="" border=0>


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That would be way cool if they do

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I speak the human language
I am gonna use a vince mcmahon word. I "garauntee"!, that O & A will be on the next raw in new york. Wait and see.<IMG SRC="" border=0>
Wait maybe sooner than we think isnt RAW at the Meadowlands tomorrow night? Could they?<IMG SRC="" border=0>

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