Perrynoid's Real Radio Gig starts in August


I created FRED, fuckface. Show some respect.
That's awesome. Congrats.


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Congrats to Perrynoid and Giant Brian.
It's great to see dreams do come true. Congrats Perry.

Kid Brock

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I'm sure this will be deleted, but why does anyone like this self-important ass again?


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Perrynoid comes off like a real whining, self-important cunt on the radio. Fuck him, give me Sleeves anyday of the week.


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I've known Perry for a while now, and we don't always see eye to eye and I often don't agree with his targets, but I like the guy and I like what he does. Best of luck, Perr.


I created FRED, fuckface. Show some respect.
Perry was fucking great on the show yesterday. I hope he can still call in once the Atlanta gig starts.

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i hope this means that I never have to hear that no talent douchebag on R&F ever again.

Here's hoping Michael Vick confuses him with a lazy dog.

Kid Brock

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Because his songs are funnier than your songs.
ZING! You got me good on that one because I claimed to be a song writer. Oh wait no I didn't. I don't give a shit about his songs one way or the other truthfully, but could do without him trying to do his " I love to be hated because I am a genious" bit.


his songs are pretty good
but as far as him calling in to the show
ahh, not so good
comes off as an asshole


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a bunch of badly written and rhymed (rapped) lyrics over an old flaming lips song doesn't count as genius. some of his songs are pretty good but the dude is a little too full of himself for being a step above weird al.


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Does anyone know the date his gig is supposed to start?


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I was wondering the same thing. I tuned into 96.1 yesterday thinking they would have started on the 1st... Maybe this Monday?


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Friday is Perrynoid's last appearance on the Ron & Fez show due to contract restrictions.