PESTS ATACK: Let NBC know how we feel about AL [MERGED]


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Down you surely bastard down!

We have succeeded in taking down Alllllls site. Still_shakin_al was just about to post!


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umm, i haven't actually always been a fan of his but i figured that would make it sound better:


Mr. Roker,

I am not only appalled by your comments regarding the hilarious nature of seizures, but disgusted with the phony apology you gave following the remarks. You claimed you were talking about the logo, not making fun of epilepsy, which was a lie. You apologized "if you offended anyone," downplaying the seriousness of your remarks and your mistake, as a professional member of the media, in allowing the comments to slip out. Even your tone was insincere.

Further, after you took such an active role in ensuring the firing of Don Imus (a disc jockey whose job is to be funny, as opposed to a weather man whose job is to give us the weather news) after he similarly allowed offensive content to slip out while on air- I believe you should be held to the same standard. Your actions and blase apology epitomize the hypocritical nature of present day broadcasters. I am ashamed of you and will absolutely never watch the Today Show again.

Epilepsy is not funny. It is a serious life-threatening illness. These people can't help having it- unlike you and your medical problems, wherein you allowed yourself to become obese and disgusting. Shame on you! I have always been a fan of yours and can fully assure you that I'll do everything in my power to get everyone I know to stop watching your show, or any show with you on it!

Kelly McLarnon
Washington, DC


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I'm done there. We're all just talking to each other. Except for that one chick who didn't spell one word right. The pests own the board....and there's only 4 of us there lawl.
I'm done there. We're all just talking to each other. Except for that one chick who didn't spell one word right. The pests own the board....and there's only 4 of us there lawl.

Five now, I am done with the old queens site for a while...
i don't care who's there.....i'm having a blast. I don't have a job. You guys should really help me make fun of the fat people in the weight loss forum.


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Tell Fox News about it, they hate NBC

I posted this on Bill O'reilly's site:

Al Roker was aggressively chastizing NBC to fire Don Imus. Now Al has made similar insensitive comments about epileptics on the NBC Today show. My cousin's wife has epilepsy and lost her job and was unable to drive because of this horrible affliction. Al called for the firing of Don Imus because he made a joke at another person's expense. In Don Imus' case, he was being paid to do that. Al is a weatherman. Note that the other on-air personalities were laughing about Al. They deserve to go just as much as Don Imus' producer.

Fox loves bringing up NBC stuff...

Go AL!


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Carbon copy these addresses in your letter... Various MSNBC executives, people that work at epilepsy foundations.

MSNBC, Alison Stewart,
MSNBC, Amy Robach,
MSNBC, Bob Kur,
MSNBC, Chris Jansing,
MSNBC, Chris Matthews,
MSNBC, Contessa Brewer,
MSNBC, Countdown with Keith Olbermann,
MSNBC, Dan Abrams,
MSNBC, David Schuster,
MSNBC, Deborah Norville,
MSNBC, Deborah Norville,
MSNBC, Dennis Sullivan (Executive Editor - Campaign Coverage),
MSNBC, Don Imus,
MSNBC, Joe Scarborough,
MSNBC, Joe Trippi,
MSNBC, Keith Olbermann,
MSNBC, Lester Holt Live,
MSNBC, Lester Holt,
MSNBC, MSNBC Investigates,
MSNBC, Randy Meier,
MSNBC, Richard Kaplan (President),
MSNBC, Ron Reagan,
MSNBC, Scarborough Country,
MSNBC, The Abrams Report,
MSNBC, Viewer Services,
NBC News, Dateline,
NBC News, Meet The Press (Tim Russert),
NBC News, Nightly News with Tom Brokaw,
NBC News, Today Show,

Also, these are some of the companies that advertise on MSNBC:

Caldwell Banker
American Airlines
Embassy Suites
MCI Worldcom
Black and Decker
General Mills
USA Today

I'll try to be back with more pertinent e-mails for these companies.


**I move away from the mic to fuck your mother.
Here's what I sent:

Sir or Madam,
I found Al Roker's comments about epilepsy absolutely deplorable. This is a
serious affliction that affects many people and many families world-wide. I found
his apology to be feigned, and his attitude about the situation nonchalant. I would
personally like to see Mr. Roker severely reprimanded, if not terminated from his

Angered and disgusted,
John Xxxxxxxxxxx
St Clair Shores, MI 48081

**Edit** Goddam, it bounced back from