PETITION: Justice for Obie and Bebe- The English Bulldogs Killed in Arkansas Fire

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In the early morning hours of October 12, 2012 while sleeping in the home they rented, in a private gated community, someone walked approximately one mile from the main road and entered the Foley household. The intruder covered the kitchen and the Foley's eight English bulldogs (some of which were crated) in gasoline, and lit the house and dogs on fire. All of the dogs (who range in the age of 4 months to 8 years old) were hurt in this senseless and intentional act of cruelty. The dogs suffered injuries including severe burns, trauma, smoke inhalation and needed immediate emergency veterinary attention. Obie and Bebe were the two eldest bulldogs. They were so severely burned and hurt that the family had to make the painful decision to put the two beloved animals to sleep while trying to save the lives of the other six bulldogs only hours after the incident occurred. Had it not been for the family's stepson who woke up to the splashing noise of gasoline (as reported in the news), and surprised the intruder, the entire family (which included underage children) could have very well suffered the same unthinkable fate as Obie and Bebe.
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PETITION: Justice for Obie and Bebe- The English Bulldogs Killed in Arkansas Fire

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To: Governor, Mike Beebe; Attorney General, Dustin McDaniel; State Senator, John Boozman; State Senator, Mark Pryor; State Representative, David J. Sanders; Pulaski County Sheriff, Doc Holladay; Pulaski County Lieutenant, Carl Minden

No need for the petition. The Sheriff will get his man. He's in his prime.



I gotta return some video tapes.
Foley told investigators that someone came into his home through an unlocked back door around two o'clock Friday morning
Mistake #1. Plus it sounds like there were no signs of a smoke detector or house alarm of any type. This might have been preventable.