Petition to make The Lazlow Show a regular part of XM 202

I want Lazlow to be a regular way before Kev. Get that done and I'll sign your silly petition.

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Lazlow rules he was the first guy in his school to wear a leather jacket. Vrock rules, home of the vulture.


it's a man, baby!!!
signed it too, but these get nowhere

what is there like 25 signatures?

people complain about what's on the sat night virus like the english dirt bike rider but in reality do not care enough to do anything.

me neither

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I don't even think Lazlow would do it. Gone are the days when he needed to be on the radio to supplement/plug his other endeavors.


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As much as I love lazlow, this will not happen. Lazlow is too busy to work on a full time radio show.


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Hes said with the way radio is right now he'd never do it (although at one time wanted to), they're happy doing the show once a month


Well, I'd be happy to hear a new Lazlow show everymonth.