Philly bans outdoor feeding of homeless.


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Aug 26, 2002
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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has announced a ban on the feeding of large numbers of homeless and hungry people at sites on and near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Mayor Nutter is imposing the ban on all outdoor feedings of large numbers of people on city parkland, including Love Park and the Ben Franklin Parkway, where it is not uncommon for outreach groups to offer free food.

Nutter says the feedings lack both sanitary conditions and dignity.
“Providing to those who are hungry must not be about opening the car trunk, handing out a bunch of sandwiches, and then driving off into the dark and rainy night,” Nutter said.

The city’s leading homeless advocate, Project Home’s Sister Mary Scullion, voiced tentative support for the mayor’s announcement. She said the mayor is “between a rock and a hard place” on the issue of outdoor feedings.

“I really want to thank the mayor for this courageous … this is not an easy position. But I do think it’s a great opportunity,” Scullion said.
Among the groups unhappy with the mayor’s announcement is Brian Jenkins of Chosen 300 Ministries, a homeless outreach group that does both indoor and outdoor feedings.

“The fact that city of Philadelphia is saying now that the homeless don’t have the right to eat on the Ben Franklin Parkway or eat around Center City is a clear violation of civil rights,” Jenkins explained. “It says that people that have … can eat in a certain place. But people that have not, can’t.”

Nutter’s aides will work with the homeless groups to encourage more indoor feedings.
In the meantime, the groups will be allowed to offer food on the north apron of City Hall, provided they register with the city.

The ban on parkland feedings takes effect in 30 days. Groups that violate the outdoor feeding ban would face two warnings and then a nominal $150 fine.
Nutter says large family gatherings in the park are not affected by the ban.
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Personally, I like the Nutter. He's got balls for a black mayor.
He actually expects the black community to clean up it's act and behave.

Buds Spuckley

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Mar 17, 2008
You wouldnt want large groups of homeless in one area, thats what the roving mobs of young people are for.


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Jan 12, 2010
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1) Their civil rights aren't being violated. You don't have the civil right to distribute large amounts of food in public areas whenever you want.

2) Stop with the dignity argument. The same opponents of the wifi hot spot homeless people used that argument. If it helps them, and they willingly agree to it, the take your dignity argument and shove it where the sun don't shine, excuse my language.

3) I have no problem with this if it's a safety issue. There's probably somewhere these people can set up within a few blocks that is more efficient and safe.

Sinn Fein

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Aug 29, 2002
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Personally, I like the Nutter. He's got balls for a black mayor.
He actually expects the black community to clean up it's act and behave.
X2. I like him too.

In terms of a liberal, black, Democratic mayor of a major Northeastern U.S. city, he's about the best thing you could hope for.


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Mar 2, 2006
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I am willing to compromise and allow it, provided that the public is allowed to watch staged bum fights during these events, or carnival games which involve beating them with blackjacks, dunk tanks of sulfuric acid, and shooting galleries.

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Jan 23, 2006
Land of hicks and rubes.

The biggest scumbag series I have ever seen. I laughed at first, but it quickly turned cringey for me. It was still funny.

When the guy who produced Bum Fight showed up to the Dr. Phil Show in a Dr Phil costume I thought it was going to be an epic spectacle. Dr. Phil knew he was about to get trolled hard, and threw the guy off the show. What could have been....indeed.