Phoenix woman a finalist in Lay’s potato chip flavor contest

Which flavor do you want?

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By Richard Ruelas The Republic | Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:43 PM

A Phoenix woman has a chance to make snack history and win $1 million if her chicken-and-waffle flavor is picked to be the next Lay’s potato chip.

Christina Abu-Judom was named a finalist this week in the chip maker’s Do Us A Flavor contest. Her rival flavor contestants are a Wisconsin woman, who came up with cheesy garlic-bread chips, and an Illinois man, a competitive kickboxer, who suggested a spicy Sriracha flavor.

Abu-Judom said the flavor was one of about 30 she entered into the online contest. Her first few entries were less exotic: feta, cilantro, basil. But she got inspired to suggest chicken and waffles, a meal she first tried after moving to Arizona and eating at Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles, a restaurant in south-central Phoenix that, as the name indicates, specializes in the traditionally Southern dish.

She said the pairing is still not known in her home state of Wisconsin. “Why is it so hard to believe?” she said Wednesday. “You eat waffles with bacon and sausage. Why not chicken?”

Abu-Judom, 34, said she hopes the contest will at least get more people interested in trying the dish.

That was also the sentiment of Larry White, the nicknamed namesake of Lo-Lo’s, which opened more than a decade ago.

White said he still sees newcomers balk at the idea of chicken served with waffles and topped with syrup. “But once they have it together, they say, ‘Oh, my goodness,’” he said.

He said it is a sweet and salty day for the chicken-and-waffles movement. He hopes that, one day, the dish will be as ubiquitous as steak and eggs.

White, whose grandmother owns the Phoenix soul-food institution Mrs. White’s Golden Rule Cafe, opened his original restaurant at Central Avenue and Yuma Street in 2002.

A second location opened in a south Scottsdale strip mall in 2009.

The restaurant has become a Valley favorite, garnering rave reviews and being featured on national cooking shows.

Former Phoenix Suns star Charles Barkley sang the praises of Lo-Lo’s during a national cable broadcast from Phoenix and chowed down on some catered Lo-Lo’s, sharing it with his fellow NBA analysts.

White said Wednesday that he hadn’t yet tried the potato chips but was interested. “Nothing’s going to be like the original,” he said. “But it’ll get you ready for the main meal when you get here.”

Abu-Judom didn’t have to submit a spice, just the idea for one. Frito-Lay’s flavor wizards manufactured the three styles of chips and put them on grocery stores for a limited time, beginning Tuesday. Voting is on the company’s Facebook page through May 4.

Voters can see how their favored flavored chip is performing in the contest, but not the rivals.

Because she doesn’t want to give votes to her competition, Abu-Judom can only see that she’s doing well in Arizona, Texas and Florida.

Abu-Judom works for New Pathways for Youth, a mentoring non-profit. She has spent much of her career in the non-profit world.

“There’s so much I could do with that,” she said of the possible $1million prize. She is guaranteed at least $50,000 for making it to the finals.

“You work in the non-profit sector, you do it because you love it. You definitely aren’t doing it for the money,” she said. “What you do for money is come up with flavors for potato chips.”


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Cheesy garlic bread sounds pretty tasty.

Wait, they're available NOW?!?! Dammit, why the hell aren't I notified of these things?


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Cheesy garlic bread sounds like crouton flavor to me. Id want to give the chicken and waffle a shot but they would probably be awful. Spicy siracha it is.


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Okay, so I tried the Chicken and Waffles flavor. I have never had real chicken in waffles before.

I came to three conclusions.

1. I bet these taste a whole lot like chicken and waffles. They really concentrated on the waffle and maple syrup part.
2. I bet chicken and waffles is pretty tasty.
3. These chips are not. Very, very not good. I got through maybe five chips before I decided I was going to take the rest to work and subject my co-workers to them.

The new flavors were 2 for 5, so I also picked up the garlic bread flavor. I'll be trying that this weekend.

Creasy Bear

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I want the Oniony Balls flavor to win.


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What makes this woman's taste so unique that it would make a good chip? At least more so than any other person.


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We've tried all 3. The chicken and waffle was absolutely nasty. Like salty syrup on a chip. I ate 1 and was done, my oldest step son ate the hell out of them. The cheesy garlic bread was pretty damn tasty though. The siracha flavored ones weren't too bad.


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Haven't seen the sriracha flavor. The cheesy garlic bread tasted kind of bland. And although I saw the chicken & waffles, I didn't try it because I didn't have any gangsta rap on my ipod to go with it.


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Just stick to Bar-B-Que. That never goes out of style.


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I haven't seen any of these flavors. Though not really seeking them out.


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I've been checking the chip aisle whenever I'm in the grocery store for these. No dice.

Sinn Fein

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For me it's regular chips with an occasional bag of bbq every so often. Screw all these crazy flavors.


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For me it's regular chips with an occasional bag of bbq every so often. Screw all these crazy flavors.
Ham 'n' egger, strap hanger, other Ronnie B words.

Seriously, I can't do "normal" potato chips. I have to have kettle cooked at the very least


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Cheesy Garlic Bread is indeed pretty tasty. I think the voting is going to look very similar to the Presidential election. True Americans will vote for CGB, gibsmedats will vote for Chicken and Waffles, while Sriracha is the third party candidate that only a few retards will vote for.

By the way, sales figures and spoils will determine the outcome, not facebook results.


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Haven't found them here yet either, and checked the stores yesterday.

I agree with the plain chip comment. Meh. Kettle cooked are heavenly, but otherwise I need sour cream and onion or the cheddar-y ones. BBQ chips are gross.

Konstantin K

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I've had the Chicken & Waffles flavor and they were better than expected. Too sweet for a salty snack though. I was underwhelmed by the Cheesy Garlic ones, although I expect those to be the most popular. If I want a cheesy chip, I'll just get some Doritos.


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I've been checking the chip aisle whenever I'm in the grocery store for these. No dice.
Gotta check the convenience stores and delis for the oddball flavors - same as the small-brand sodas.

Still, I don't care for any of these. Gimme a good salt & vinegar chip and I'm good.


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I bought the sriracha and the chicken & waflles ones. neither is great alone but mixing them is pretty great. i like one of each at a time