photobucket hacking site


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Does anyone know of one of these sites? i tried fusker but can't figure it out. im still diddling with it. i used to go to one of these and it got shutdown...


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What is a photobucket hacking site?
i am going out on a limb to guess it's a site that tries to gain access to privacy protected photos that are not visible to the public...somebody is trying to catch a cheater or is a stalker...

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I always found it funny how people would toss a link to a picture of themselves in PB, and with a simple keystroke you could get into their unprotected album.

I found it really funny how a certain female bagger that doesn't post here anymore, had a semi-nude picture of herself in said unprotected album.

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There's no such thing as a "photobucket hacking site". If there was, Photobucket would find out about it and fix the vulnerability the site is using. And hacking Photobucket is hard. If you want access to someone's account on pretty much any Internet application (but especially a major one like Photobucket), the least vulnerable point of entry is through the web app. itself.

And, usually, the most vulnerable point of entry is their home computer. If they don't have their OS and other key software service packs and updates up to date, then it's easy: you just need to find a vulnerability and use a ready made exploit to gain full access. If they do have everything updated, you need to get them to run a trojan (by clicking on any executable file you send them), and then you can get access. If they have AV, you need to encode the binary code in a way that the AV doesn't recognize it. (usually, by writing an encoding algorithm yourself - if you just get one off the Internet, AV programmers have already seen it too)

Once you find a way onto their home computer, you either crack the hashes, or install a key logger to get their password.

If you have access to their wireless network, you can also try a man in the middle attack (since I doubt Photobucket is using SSL). Those are pretty easy to do too.