Piazza Injured.

ATLANTA -- New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza broke a bone in his left big toe Friday night and will be out at least a week.
Piazza was injured when he fouled a ball off his foot in the third inning. He finished the at-bat, hitting a flyball for an out, but left the game in the bottom half.
"It's a shame to be dealt a setback," Piazza said. "I don't plan to be Superman. I'll just wait and see."
Piazza will be out 7-to-10 days and likely need a few more days before he is able to catch, Mets assistant general manager Jim Duquette said.
"It's a hairline fracture ... of the bone at the end of the big toe, underneath the nail," Duquette said.
Piazza is batting .269 with 20 home runs and 45 RBI.
For now, New York has no plans to put Piazza on the disabled list. The team hopes he will be healthy enough to serve as the designated hitter for a three-game interleague series against the Yankees next weekend.
"It's a big toe with a little crack," manager Bobby Valentine said. "We'll try to make it through a couple of games like we do when he gets the day off."
The team will be forced to make a move since Todd Pratt is the only other catcher on the 25-man roster. A catcher will be called up from the minors before Saturday's game against the Braves.
Duquette said it's too early to say if Piazza would be able to play in the July 10 All-Star game at Seattle.
"It's pretty painful," Piazza said. "Let's wait and see. I'll have to ice it. If it feels good and I feel I can play, I'll play."
Piazza, who had a lead of more than 800,000 votes over Florida's Charles Johnson in the latest balloting, is a virtual shoo-in to be elected as a starter.
Piazza did not play in last year's All-Star game, having been hit in the helmet by Roger Clemens' fastball three days earlier.
The Mets have been concerned in recent years that Piazza takes too much of a beating behind the plate, and ultimately would like to move him to first base.
"It's definitely a big blow," pitcher Steve Trachsel said. "Mike's a powerhouse. We've had injuries all year. It's something we've been dealing with and hopefully we can deal with it again."

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I speak the human language
I know.

Heh now you lost the only guy who could even hit on your team. Season Over!!!


I speak the human language
Hey Jay how's this. Fuck you and your Yankees. Scumsucker. lol. Bastard. :D
Hey say what ever you want Mav about my Yankees. I just think that its horrible that a team in NYC is most likely looking towards next season to win and not this season. Dont you get tired of hearing next year what about this year the all-star game is not even hear yet you could have a good 2nd half of the year make the playoffs and most likely lose but atleast you dont make your fans wait to until next year to win.


I cannot wait until the Yankees go into their slide to the bottom.All of the non baseball saavy Yankee fans( 90% ) will go back keeping their mouths shut.OH wait those 90% will go out and buy another teams jersey.
Im sure that there are alot of bangwagoning Yankees fans out there. Im not one of them though but i know what you mean as soon as the team or any former winning team hits rock bottom people jump ship and go with who is the winnning team.


I speak the human language
No doubt Jay. It is sickening that you keep hearing next season. As you said it's only half-way through. The Mets are a good team who is having post world series syndrome. They are a better team than this. They just can't get off the shnide. They need to pull off a deal but fast. It's begining to get blatenly obvious that we need another big hitter in the line-up. Pitching has been good lately. But when you leave 11 runners on base every game, that leads to alot of 1 run losses. The Mets need to bear down and get their heads out of their asses. This goes for everyone from Joe McEwing to Steve Phillips. By the way I am very happy McEwing is finally getting a chance to play. He is a true pro. He plays a gritty game. I say fuck Rey Ordonez, he doesn't understand the game. Play McEwing at shortstop for the rest of the year and use Ordonez as trade bait.