pick 3 DVD's

Like a lot of other people, who were waiting for the prices to come down, I got a DVD player for Xmas (cheapskate).What are the first 3 DVD's you'd buy/or have bought?
I'm going with 1. Caddyshack
2. Spinal Tap
3. Scarface
How 'bout some suggestions? :D

Philly Kid

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dvd is bangin , but its built for the sound, if you have a digital reciver/crossover, "dvd experience"
"spawn" "password swordfish" "scarface"
pink floyd" armegedon"
not that all these movies are my fav's but they were either made or remasterd for DVD,
with a good system they are all amazing. and no im not loaded rich: a decent soundcard, headphones, and dvd player on your computer {like i have will do just fine} but these F'ing movies rock sound/visual on dvd..
jus trying to help
happy holidays


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For me it would be
Richard Pryor DVD set