Pics from a Chinese gangsters phone


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Pics from a Chinese gangsters phone

Pics from a Chinese gangsters phone (via MeFi)
[update] ABC hat ein paar Details und Infos zu den Bildern: Viral Pics Show Chinese ‘Gangsta’ Fondling Porsches, Puppies and Purse (via Boing Boing).
It is not immediately known who this individual is, but there are some clues. He poses with two Porsches registered in two different cities: a Porsche Carrera with port city Tianjin plates and a Porsche Cayenne SUV with Beijing plates.
Of the two cars it seems like he has more clout in Tianjin, evident by the quadruple 8888 on his plates. Numerology figures in very prominently in Chinese culture and 8, being a homonym for “good fortune” in most Chinese dialects, is an especially auspicious number. All 8 license plates are usually reserved for the especially privileged whether by power, fortune or connections. So whoever this puppy-loving, murse carrying thug is, he or someone he knows or works for was able to put down a lot of money for those plates.

Link to all of the images. Be warned they are pretty gay.
Yeah I saw these last week.
Nice flip flops Fruity Chan.

Fucking weirdos.


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Those blocks of money are 100RMB notes. That's a shitload of money, no doubt, but each 100RMB note is only worth about $15. Adjust perception about just how much cash is there accordingly. It's "only" about 1/7th of what that volume in US $100 bills would be.


Victim of high standards and low personal skills.
I've known some Chinese triad members, both here in the US and in Taiwan. One of my aunts used to be married to one.

It's just one of those visual cue things with how faggy he looks: to a Westerner, especially an American, that's a very faggy pose. To people overseas, that's a power pose. The cues a person gives off are just different for each culture. It's why Americans have a much greater sense of personal space over people from overseas. When you speak to someone from Asia or the Middle East, they'll crowd your personal space very badly without meaning to be aggressive just because they don't feel they're invading your personal space.

Truth is, if this guy is a for-real gangster, he'd do things to you that would make MS-13 blanch. Some of these criminal organizations have histories going back farther than the discovery of the Americas, under governments more oppressive than any those Sicilian pussies have ever had to deal with.

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