Picture in North Carolina Yearbook Sparks Controversy


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Spread beaver shot in yearbook hurts NC feelings.

Picture in North Carolina Yearbook Sparks Controversy

Picture in North Carolina Yearbook Sparks Controversy (Added: May 24, 2012)
The picture is right on page 14 of the Lake Norman High School yearbook. One parent called a television station and called it porn, but school district leaders...see something else.

We have altered this picture from Lake Norman High School's yearbook...so you can't see the young woman's face...or the area, causing so much controversy.

The school district says the girl was 18-years-old. She's sitting with last year's graduating class...smiling, dressed in her cap and gown and her legs are open.

One mom, who didn't want her face shown, says she believes the student is exposing her genitals on purpose.

"When it was brought to my attention from my child that, was the first thing. I was appalled! I was like, 'oh my God, this is exactly what it is," said the mom.

Her children told her, as soon as the yearbook came out...everyone in school knew.

"It was going all over the school. In every block, I think people were texting each other turn to page 14," said the mom.

But, Eyewitness News was the first to alert the Iredell Statesville School District. Spokesperson Dawn Creason says she immedidately got a copy of the yearbook to see for herself.

"Really looking at that image, though we're not sure that's what it is at all. We think, probably, it was the way she was sitting and the angle of her gown. We're not convinced, at all, that you're seeing what you think you are," said Creason.

Creason says the district believes this was an editing oversight. The yearbook is put together by students under the watch of a faculty
advisor. Now, Creason says the district is working with deputies to investigate.

"It should never happen again and someone should really look at everything they put in these yearbooks so that it can never happened again," said the mom.

The school district has also contacted parents the district has also notified parents, including the parents of the girl in the photo. As for the yearbook, students will be able to get a refund or send the yearbook back to the company for an edited version in return.



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No male student is sending their yearbook back for an edited version.


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Like kids in high school haven't seen worse in person and on the internet. Parents like this are fucking dumb.